Little black...rose! Jewelry of the day, created by nature, delivered by me! #32

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Hello, beautiful people!

Nature Art is my road to Heaven!

After I introduced you in my workshop and started to talk more about how I actually create jewelry, people became more curious to see "how it ends" this beautiful process.
That's why I decided to post from time to time one of Nature's jewelry for everyone to see, admire and enjoy it's colors, beside my regular post about my journey and how I enjoy designing accessories, and not only..!

Enjoy Nature and it's works of art!

This is today's jewelry!

  • A rose dried in dark shades, with a gothic look!





Peace and love!



beautiful stones, they look like the sap of some tree

wow.....u are create a master piece ✌✌

nice all pic
nice all pic
nice all pic
nice all pic
nice all pic
nice all pic

made from wood? beautiful!

The design is very artistic and yes, we're all beautiful people as beautiful as you :)

I congratulate you for your work, and compared with that passion the best job I had in my life was when you created a workshop with some friends and we designed accessories that midwives and flowers dissected in resins or glass in glass, is a wonderful art and liberador Pay with that my whole university. Art always saves and nature gives us everything. Greetings and Blessings from Venezuela

That is really stunning, first time coming across your blog, intrigued how you did this process, will need to catch up.

Creativity is gifted among many of us and how we can express that nature. Following you.

nature does not try hard, its beauty is immensely perfect

wow..this is truely amazingg !! loved the idea. superb:D

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