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These are so strange and interesting!

If you saw my interview with @armadillocreek, then you know that I was recently blessed with the opportunity to visit his homestead in person. Along with some other activities, I was able to check out his quail set up, which was really cool because we hope to raise quail one day too. Before I left @armadillocreek, he blessed me with three 18-packs of quail eggs too!


Honestly, I had never really seen quail eggs in person. Well, I may have seen a couple here or there, but I never had my own and was never able to observe them up close and in person like this. One very interesting that I noticed was that they look sort of like snowflakes or fingerprints, in that each one is an individual and different from every other one. The colors, shades, and random "patterns" on each one was completely original.


Compared to our chicken eggs, which at least come in a few different shades, they had a lot more going on, despite their size. I'm not sure how many of you have been able to really observe some quail eggs and appreciate the individuality of them, but I was so amazed and mesmerized that I figured I would take the opportunity to share. Here are some photos of some of the eggs below.



These eggs are very cool, and we really like them. I took some solo shots of them here below. If you look at them closely, they could be almost anything. Are they planets or moons? Are they hand-crafted marbles fashioned out of rock? Are they some new version of random children's artwork? Take a look and see what you think!














As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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They are a more attractive looking egg but it would take a few to make a nice egg sandwich, I’ve never tried quail eggs although I believe you can eat them, thanks mike

The quail egg is considered to be the animal product that has the most balanced content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is five times smaller than a chicken egg, but it contains 5 times more phosphorus (very useful for the brain, the action of phosphorus in the body is especially essential for healthy bones and teeth) , 7 times more iron, 6 times more vitamins B1 (which play a crucial role in the growth and proper functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems) and 15 times more vitamins B2 (which help to protect the nervous system, tissue growth and repair). And most importantly, it contains no cholesterol! It seems incredible!!!

Thanks for sharing @pap-pepper

That maybe but opening 20 of them for your breakfast gets tiresome. :D

Lol, plus opening them for the children too! (It's not so bad.)

Just wanted to add, recent studies are telling us that eating cholesterol is not problematic, your liver can create more or less cholesterol depending on the amount of cholesterol in your diet, and you need cholesterol to build hormones, what makes your BAD cholesterol raise or lower is saturated fat in high amounts, and egg has good fats and bad fats on equal amounts, so the problem is not eggs, the problem is, however, all the cheese, hamburgers and all the saturated food we eat...
Now that i said that, i love quail eggs!!! they taste so good!!

We love them too, just tried our first ones last night.

Wow, very cool. Thanks for letting me know!

My pleasure


I see these at the supermarket, but am never sure how to cook them. So I wimp out. Did you eat them? How are they?

PS I chicken out (Boom!)

That's what I want to know, too, Papa-Peper. We gonna see a recipe?

I can share how we have eaten them. I took photos, so I'll post tomorrow.

I'll share about eating them tomorrow. We hope to try a few methods of preparation.

Ach the suspense! I won't be able to sleep tonight. But yes, looking forward to seeing what you do with these mini eggs.

Quail egg is said to be one of the best known natural treatment products and also considered a delicacy in many parts of the world,it's frame are indeed captivating. Thanks for sharing and how about getting One pack from the three 18-packs of quail eggs too!-smile



We really enjoyed eating them too.

This is very famous in Turkey. My nephew eats 5 or 6 quail eggs in breakfast. I think that she turns into quail and flies LOL

Sounds like a good breakfast.

my teacher said the protein content on quail eggs threefold from chicken eggs, is it true @papa-peper

I've heard something like that too, but haven't researched it yet.

I seen some pickled quail eggs on the way back from vacation the other day.
Bork BORK!

Really eggs is an world that I love to go wide with. Different shapes , colors,and different kinds of animals ( birds, fish , ....etc)

We don’t forget the benefits of eggs

quail eggs have nutritional content that is almost the same as other types of eggs. Quail eggs are rich in vitamins A, B2 and also protein. For those of you lovers of quail eggs, here are the benefits of quail eggs that you can get.

  • rich in protein
  • can release toxins in the body
  • nourish the eyes
  • Overcoming allergies
  • good for pregnancy
  • contains choline
  • and many others.
    I like your post

Cool, thank you very much for sharing.

good story, this quail eggs taste very good ,, thanks for sharing

Reading your post reminds me of my dad.
He is a lover of nature and animals. When you come around my house you will be surprise about the different species of flowers in our compound.
Nice one @papa-pepper

The close-up shot is an art itself. Amazing!

I see photos telurpuyuh a very nice and I like that. and the color of his also the same in my country in Indonesia and in Aceh. I hope you find the day was very bright. and I am happy to see you happy with the state of you feel the

Cool, I am glad that you are familiar too!

this is a very tasty egg @papa-pepper.
I very often eat decoction of Quail quail, it feels different from other eggs.

They look like fancy decorated rocks! They are very beautiful.

Think this is first time seeing quail eggs..
Very interesting @papa-pepper..
Nature thanks you for devotion to it.

Hey, @papa-pepper You've got quail eggs for a gift? Goodness! They are pure health treasures. Highly nutritious egg. I guess many are yet to know much about the health benefit of this eggs.

Yes I did! A wonderful gift for my family to enjoy.

I guess you are hoping some of them are fertile?

I admit that the best thing about keeping the quail is when they lay their eggs and we have to take it one by one into the cage, although it looks usual but can make the heart happy, because it is a result of our efforts in caring for them, although the shape is small, but quail eggs is so delicious and very good to eat @papa-pepper

They look so strange really and this is the first time i am reading quail eggs. +1 for my knowledge.

We eat the quail eggs too. Hahaha

We tried for a first-time just now.

the eggs are cool, it's one of my favorite types of eggs.

It is one of our favorite kinds now!

Another good post from papa pepper =)

yes @papa-pepper whether this bird egg is the result of your farm

Ok. That proof picture was very helpful. Thank you. :)

in my country indonesian called quail eggs ( telur puyuh) , these snacks are sold for 1000 rupiahs 3 grains that have been boiled, it feels very good.

Cool. We have just tried some boiled last night!

Quail egg are eaten mostly around Christmas in France

Quail eggs with some bacon is soo good @papa-pepper!!! If you never tried go ahead and try, it's a normal dish in Portuguese restaurants

@papa-pepper ))) You are so infected with their wonderful stories that I will share with how I live and what you do))). Write, can we have the same interests, love animals and nature, alone with her.

We were just joking about quail/quail eggs earlier over lunch. I thought quail eggs were missing on the dish we ordered, and jokingly said we'd not pay. Lol

did yhu take this pictures with yhur new camera?

nice sharing this.

I will like to discuss something with yhu @papa-pepper. Where do i contact yhu

Steemit.chat or discord if you want to talk in private, but it'll be hours before I can check.

Sent u a message on discord

First, your camera is incredible! I wasn't sure I would have gotten another new camera after you decided the first new one wasn't good enough, but I think you made the right call. Your pictures are great.

Also, what is going on with quail eggs? I saw them on "Elementary" a few months ago and since then I've been seeing them pop up all over the place.

Let us know how they taste/what you cook with them, please.

I got to know about the health benefits of quail egg when taken raw and i am totally impressed. Little yet very nourishing. Papa...you have lot of good stuffs going on. Well done sir.

Wow enak tu telor ,emang telor apa itu

@quailbreeder Dad check this out right up your alley, post some quail pics here, show the big boss your beautiful Goliath quail ;)

Quail egg is an egg produced from quail pitcher. You may often find it in various dishes, such as in soups. Smaller shapes than regular eggs make you may consume them in greater quantities in one meal. But, wait a minute, most of these eggs may not be good either.

One serving of quail egg (5 grains) contains 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. Protein content and relatively little fat to make the number of calories contained in it is also relatively small, which is only about 71 calories in one serving.

However, the content of saturated fat in eggs is relatively high. In 5 eggs contained 1.6 grams of saturated fat. This amount is even higher than chicken eggs containing saturated fat as much as 1.5 grams in one grain.

Comparison of more yolk content than egg whites in quail eggs may affect the amount of saturated fat present in quail eggs. This saturated fat can then raise the bad cholesterol levels in your bod.
here's the proof:@Papa-pepper


Following your foot step, someday I might make a documentary of how you transformed this space into a life's expository program.

Great Post!
It’s even stranger seeing them in the supermarket. The markings are so beautiful... like little pieces of art from nature. Steem on :)

Indeed they are little pieces of original artwork.... That you can eat!

It makes me very happy that you enjoyed them! I always like looking at all the designs and colors they come in. I am waiting to see if i get any more laying celedon blue eggs. Ill post pics when i get them bit they are the coolest shade of blue!

I need to get a pair myself, but they make quail egg scissors that make the job of cracking them easier. Take a look!

If you want to make a quail egg omelet, you are going to have to break a few eggs.

So, @papa-pepper, are you eating these or hatching them? If you are going to eat them you are going to need a special pair of scissors to cut the top of the eggs but dipping bread soldiers into the yolks could prove more difficult...hard boiled is easier.

This is so cute!!!😅
I always thought quail eggs is common to everyone and learning that it's not is something new. Hehe

It is a very famous street food here in the Philippines and we call it "kwek kwek". It sounds more like "quack quack", but of course it's not from ducks and I actually don't know how it got its name.

It is being sold almost everywhere and it's really loved by Filipinos. 😋👌

If you have some of them left, here's a recipe you can try:

P.S. Im not entirely familiar with the sauce in the recipe, but in my experience, it goes very well with vinegar with salt, sugar, minced onions and cucumber. 👌

The VITAMINS that you can get at quale eggs is the same VITAMINS in chicken eggs... (^_^)

Eggs are my favorite food and I can make a different type of food using eggs! Hehehe...

Very interesting ;)

When I first got my quail last year I forgot to do much reasearch on their eggs! It surprised me when mine all popped out white eggs! Haha but Bobwhites lay white eggs. I can’t wait to get some coturnix to get these fun brown and white eggs.