Heartbreaking news for animal lovers came from my beloved Mexico

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Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

So far, I have been mostly posting positive news from Mexico related to conservation and wildlife protection. One of my very first posts here on Steemit was about a new marine reserve created around the Baja California Peninsula and I was also very happy to inform you that Mexico banned dolphinariums in this post.

Today, however, I have to inform you about a very sad and shocking incident that happened in my beloved Mexico just a few days ago. Approximately 300 turtles (mostly the olive ridley sea turtle) were found dead off the coast of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, trapped in illegal fishing nets.

Image source: The Daily Edge

May to September is when numerous turtle species come to the Mexican coast to lay their eggs and this is what these turtles were probably hoping to do but instead, they ended up dying in extreme pain because of ruthless and totally irresponsible behavior of some humans.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

I have been privileged to swim and snorkel with green sea turtles many times when we were living in Mexico and that was when I created a very strong bond with these amazing sea creatures, so to me, this news was absolutely heartbreaking.

I hope this incident (and it is actually not the first incident of this kind in Mexico) will result in new measures against illegal fishing and possibly even new laws. Sea turtles have been around for about 150 million years (from the late Jurassic) - incomparably longer than us - and we have to do all we can to make sure these majestic marine animals can live peacefully in their natural environment.

You can find out more about the latest incident in this article.

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Damn, that's heartbreaking! I'm surprised if we still have any species of sea turtle in 50 years from now, since most of them seem to be doing extremely bad in terms of successful reproduction. We really need to take more measures to prevent these types of incidents.

Absolutely @valth. Like I wrote in the post, I really have a kind of special affection for turtles as I have spent countless hours in the immediate proximity to them and I totally fell in love with them. They deserve our full protection and utmost respect.

:´( 💙

very sad indeed about the turtles. So many animals die as collateral damage in fishing nets...only this for me is reason enough not to eat seafood. It's heartbreaking!

Very sad, very true. Honestly, I love seafood and right now, it is still very difficult for me to imagine that I would give up my shrimps or tuna but - at least - I go for those brands that use "responsible fishing" products. But who knows what the future holds for me... I am already cutting down on my meat consumption to 3-4 meat meals per week ;)

ohhh that's great that you're reducing meat consumption =) It's music to my ears eheheheh =) Not judging at all btw, but I'm happy to hear that you are thinking about these things =)

The world needs to go vegan to solve this and all other problems related to fishing, animal farming and ecological problems related to these practices. By abusing other species we are really abusing ourselves.

I am not a vegan myself (yet?) but I agree that a mass shift to veganism could significantly improve the state of the world´s wildlife, the planet itself and eventually us humans too. Thanks for stopping by.

This breaks my heart to see and read....
Why aren't there stricter laws to punish offenders
and official to enforce things like this from happening???

Let´s hope they will be stricter laws. There should be exemplary punishments for incidents like this.

Hmm..a to som sa akurat pred par dnami pytal, ze ako ste sa s nimi kupali a ako si to fotil...

OMG 😟what are the humans doing?!?!?!
Good that you're sharing this horrible news-must be spread around to make people aware of it☝🏻-Resteem it-!

Thank you.

This is so heartbreaking and totally sad to watch, what is wrong with people and they do this like that!

...exactly :(

oh my god this is so sad. 300?! That´s really a shame!!

That's quite sad news for me too.

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