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RE: The world is losing the fight against climate change

in #nature3 years ago

I've been concerned about global warming since I can remember and at least in my family we've always tried to spend the least on light and water.

I'm always surprised to know people who don't really care about it, there's no way our self preservation will save us from the dead of our planet


If more people would act as you & your family do, this would'nt happen in the firdt place.
People do not care for something they dont understand so in my opinion i would say its the lack of knowledge.
Also medias should focus on spreading info to educate populate about the issue instead of showing us worthless stuff to entertain ourselves, which we can do just fine without the need of any media...
So spreading education and awareness of the sitruations is better then making a show but after all its a commercial life so that wont happen

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