Masterpieces of Nature In Shape Of Mountain In Pakistan

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More than 100 such mountains are found in Pakistan, whose height is greater than 5000 meters.Out of 14 highest peaks of the world, 5 peaks are present in Pakistan and these are also considered as the most dangerous peaks of the world.Though, a few of these are dangerous. Despite this characteristic, many are so beautiful and attractive that tourist like to visit and climb on these peaks.

Let's have a look at these mountains.

Gasherbrum IV:

It is world's 17th and Pakistan's 6th largest mountain. Its height is 7925 meters and located in Himalaya range.

Image source

Disteghil Sar:

It is located in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Its height is 7885 meters. It is world's 9th and Pakistan's 7th largest mountain.

Image Source

Kunyang Chish:

This beautiful mountain is located in Karakoram range. Its height is 7823 meters. It is world's 21st and Pakistan's 8th largest mountain.

Image Source


Its height is 7821 meters and it is world's 22nd largest and 9th highest mountain of Pakistan.

Image Source

Batura Mountain:

It is world's 35th and Pakistan's 10th highest moutain. It is located in karakaram mountain range near Gilgit Batistan. Its height is 7795 meters.

Image Source


It is located in the Himalaya mountain range and its height is 8611 meters. It is world's 2nd highest and Pakistan's 1st mountain.

Image source


It is concluded that Pakistan is a great place for tourists where these masterpieces of nature are present. People must visit these once in their lives.



nice travel post. thanks

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