A little snow for those who miss it!

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I was chatting with someone this morning from Islamabad about snow. I thought I would share some some recent photos I took of a snowfall.

Here is a maple tree in our front yard:

2018-01-26 00.55.12.jpg

This view is out our backdoor. You probably can see my daughter's home. Storm clouds still hanging on.

2018-01-26 00.52.49.jpg

This view is just to the right of the previous photo. I never get tired of my barn which was built in the early 1900's. Cannot see the mountain and hills with the storm clouds:

2018-01-26 00.52.45.jpg

This next photo was taken either prior to the snowfall or after it started melting off the trees. The sun is trying to shine on the mountain:

2018-01-25 05.51.53.jpg

And for those who saw the post with my puppy on the dishwasher door, here is Sheba at around 8 months. She is now close to 35 pounds now. It is difficult to get a good photo and be able to see her face and eyes. Those black eyes blend with the rest of her.

2018-01-25 05.52.06.jpg

That will close out this session of photos. I hope you enjoy the winter photos.

A week from today my wife and I are going out of town for a few days for some well-deserved R & R. We both work 7 days a week and went to many years without taking a break. I will try and stay caught up on responding to comments left on my posts, but where we are going we will only get intermittent phone and internet service. I have started compiling photos from the cruise we took 2 years ago, as well as more flowers. They will be coming. I have over 800 photos to go through from our Mexico cruise...so it takes time.


I assure you I have never seen snow in my life time yet! But this is amazing! I don't know how it feels, but I think it made a wonderful nature artwork. Outstanding photography of this beautiful nature scenery. Thank you very much for sharing it!


wow.....beautiful nature. I likes your post.
thanks for sharing

i am very happy to see this....
beautiful nature...everything is quite awesome...

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thank you so much sir...

The snow pictures are really really great and giving me a feeling of snow too.

Thank you.

Those are great pics and I always love snow and you are lucky enough to have your home in such a place where snow fall is a natural reality.

Great to see all these pics.

Have a great day sir.

Awesome pics , very nice view of snow . Thanks for sharing

awesome nature. i likes your post.
this flowers in my flower garden. I think you like it.


Awesome pics , are these pics from islamabad pakistan ?

My photos are from North Idaho in the US

These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

North Idaho is beautiful place. but this place weather is cold also.

Great photos, last year i visited Iceland and it was the first time i had ever seen falling snow or the northern lights.
Thanks for posting.

When i was in my youth i would spend many summer nights staring into the night sky watching the northern lights. You do not forget the experience!

i will also try to take this experience @r2cornell ....love to stay with you

Wow...such a wonderful and interesting photograpy collection by @r2cornell
Actualy I'm really like last photograpy...
Cute black puppy with white snow...wow...such a wonderful combination for click....
And fog foot arts on snow...smart nature artwork.....
Wel done and perfect work my dear friend...

Really nice photograpy collection, winter time is very interesting snowfall, nice post @r2cornell

As my country never seen snow condition. But I have luckily to see winter season through your post. Very lovely. Lat dog's shot is pretty awesome. All once are more beautiful. Waiting to see next post in Mexico.

i also never seen snow condition.
thanks @r2cornell.
i should give you more more thanks for your post.

yeah..in my country..i didn't see the snow condition.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

nice pictures and also good writing. you are a great heart @r2cornell:-

basically it's so lovely....
though we have not snow in our country....
thank you sir @r2cornell

It's really amazing!
Snowfall look like wonderful!
Great post @r2cornell

I will keep sorting through photos from our cruise to Mexico. Probably will not be ready until after we get from our short get away

@r2cornell i am visiting you blog 3rd time and this time i am feeling cool thanks for great clicks and sharing with us <3

Thank you for visiting. Glad you got to "cool down".

great post. thats pretty cool to know.
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Hi sir how are you.I hope YOu are good.again you post a beautiful photos sir.i like that black puppy sir.is it yours pet puppy Sir?

Thank you for visiting. Yes I am doing well. About to close out my day. Yes the puppy is mine. She is now 1 of 4 dogs we have.

Ho Really sir. You have 4 dogs. Nice to here.what is your father doing sir.he is also doing hunting or any other business

pls resteem this post

My father passed away in the mid 1990's. In my youth we hunted together.

oh so sad!!

Ho i am sorry sir..what is your father name.

His name was also Robert, but middle initial W.

Ho ok sir. Every son responsibility is to achive the father dreams and do good things and get a good name to our father.

I like what you wrote. Great words to remember. Thank you

I Put A water lillys in our blog sir.Please come and visit

Yes I found it.

you are a great soul @r2cornell:-) I likes your post.

Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful natural view is! Very color full also.

Trees covered with snow always fascinate me. It's nice to view snow all around but difficult to live in these conditions.lot of snowfall make your life miserable. Beautiful view and nice click. Cheers

I am originally from an area where it gets a lot colder. It is not too bad here and the snow is wonderful. But i must say i have experienced winters when we have had up to 150 inches in a season...now that gets a little rough

the snow is wonderful.

Snow always give you pleasant feelings, but things become worse if you don't have good facilities to cope with the problem occured due to heavy snowfall. Lack of resources is the common problem of thir world country. May be that is one of the reason i find it difficult to live with these conditions. Thanks for sharing:) @r2cornell All the best. Cheers

Yes this cold would be hard on many areas of the world where resources are are limited. Even in th US there are homeless people and families trying to survive in areas where it gets cold. It is difficult and gives them a different perspective. Thank you for sharing.

@r2cornell:-) you are a great soul.
I likes your post very much

I like that pics because i love the color of snow, the best photo in my opinion is the following

Looks amazing for the next christmas as an amazing natural christmas tree

Yeah! Absolutely Those are wonderful pictures of snowfall.i appreciate your comments @martha75

this flowers only for you @r2cornell:-) for your nice post.


Glad you enjoyed


so much beautiful flower......
the wonder of snowfall.. thank you so much for sharing....

@resteem done....

Please @r2cornell see my new post

Very beautiful flower @taylor10. Thank you

just for you! my garden flower!
thank you

Nice bright yellow! Love it

Very Pretty photographs

In my country colombia we don't have snow in any seasson of year so looking this images made me feel good because i like the sensation around snow, i mean you can play with childs take time with family inside home etc.. Regards

Bro @dim753 your comments is very very nice and excellent topic.
I hope you enjoy the winter photos @r2cornell

Yes the snow can bring out the child in any of us. I like playing with my dogs in the snow. On real rough winter weather it is great to hang out close to the wood stove

@r2cornell, Absolutely brilliant photography. Very low temperature I guess. But got best clicks. Nature totally changed in winter season. Completely trees and earth taken white coloring with snow. Its most beautiful. You've nice description here. Thanks for inspiration.

Thank you. And yes with snow cold temperatures follow.

Wow very beautiful photography and excellent work
Thanks @r2cornell

Thank you @tahsinhasan. I see you are you are new to Steemit. I look forward to your introduction post. Let me know when you do one and I will resteem it for you. Thanks for viewing my blog. Welcome to Steemit.

@r2cornell..bro very nice photography..the photos looking awesome..i like the snow tree..thank you for sharing with us..

You are welcome bro..what is the name of that snow tree

The one in the front yard is a Maple. I believe an Azure Maple.

Ho ok bro..its look like soo cold in that area..how that puppy bear that coldness ..ha ha i think puppy has a thick hair to bear that cold..

The puppy has some Labrador retriever in blood line. They tend to like the snow and cold does not bother them, as long as they have a warm place to come in to when needed. She loves blazing a trail through the snow.

Wow ! extraordinary photography

Wonderful nature happy to see you posting again

Thanks. I will have a short break while i am out of town, but plan to stay with it

Such great news then what is your next work ?
If you are intrested i post new works

I am sorting through our pictures from a cruise to mexico. I have started picking out some to choose from. I also started sorting through more floral and gardening photos.

Oh such a wonderful news

What a great place to live in, and those snow shots are just amazing, i loved them


You are too kind!

Wow so cute dog i like this so muchDQmZXTh8yzbiHcCs2s739WDFyVRPb7tQmvkkEnL78PQMfFD.jpg

Yeah i love cute dogsmall-dogs-wallpaper-1024x640.jpg

Sweet puppy. I had a yellow Labrador retriever sometime back. Now I have a chocolate Labrador retriever. They are great pets. Sheba is 3rd generation Labradoodle (Lab and poodle cross).

Thank you. She is cute...and very smart!

Sweet puppy. I had a yellow Labrador retriever sometime back. Now I have a chocolate Labrador retriever. They are great pets. Sheba is 3rd generation Labradoodle (Lab and poodle cross).

sir @r2cornell really awesome and nicely photo shot.this is amazing place.
i am really enjoyed the view. i am hopefully the weather was sunny and warm. really interesting to see your photography.

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yah! sir @r2cornell ,,, always i support and i pray for you.stay blessed

Your pics are beautiful . You are one of the most artistic steem users . I am glad i found your blog .

Wonderful shots sidekick @r2cornell what camera did you use to get the shots on the photos? Uncommon scene, shades and extraordinarily all around made keep up the impressive work!

I am using a Canon T5 Rebel

camera make great photo

this is good invest i hope

I really like the T5 Rebel. My daughter liked it so much they recently bought a T6 Rebel.

T7 is new model:Right?

I have not looked recently, it may be out now. My daughter got a good price on her T6, so that may mean the T7 is out now

Yea sir some of the hilly areas of pakistan have got this GOD GIFTED beauty but not the whole country plan areas miss it and i never saw snowfall in my life in real so thats something we miss

I enjoy all 4 seasons. Thanks for visiting my blog

Thank you. I will keep sorting through my photos and hopefuly when i get back from my trip out of town i will be able to post

i will be waiting for that sir

Please check wallet message. I just sent you that nature video as I promised you before.

I already uploaded it to Google Drive and DropBox! You can download from any location!


Thank you very much. I almost missed this comment. I did find your links in my wallet. Thank you very much. I am impressed. I did not that it was possible to combine the video clips. I downloaded to my pc. Thank you again, it is greatly appreciated.

It's very possible! If you need my help, anytime send me a wallet message!


So beautiful caption snowfall winter season cold weather and to much more you captured it on right place

wow! All photograph is amazingly you capture, wonderful tree hidding in beautiful snow that's fantastic. Your daughter house looks awesome..


Great shots friend @r2cornell what camera did you use to get the shots on the photos? Incredible scenery, colours and very well composed keep up the great work!

Thank you. I used my Canon Rebel T5 for these shots. I am still learning it after 2 years. Sometimes i have to get my grandaughter to show me settings. All in all good camera.

this camera have 18 megapixel but have good sensor

Yes it has 18 megapixels My first Canon had 7 megapixels and I was excited when I got it and saw the quality. Some of my older flower pictures were taken with that camera.

excellent photo and photographydownload (2).jpg

Thank you. Great picture

really greet photo

Appsoloutely great photo dear.nice photographyDQmZB7zENGZGEUGErxoLmvC2eq5izqJcEc2fEtmwTfnc1pS.png

What an awesome place to live in, and those snow shots are simply astounding, I adored them

Glad you enjoyed

Really i think you are a professional photographer

I am from from professional. I see something I like and want to preserve it I take the photo. Sometimes I take several "clicks" to review; but I have taken 20 or more "clicks" for some until I get what I see in my mind.

Wow...such a beautiful captures in winter snow. Nice background view. Nicely taken.


ah, yes! Spring and Summer will come!

wonderful tree and greet photography
Resteem your post

Thank You! And thank you for the resteem

Hi @r2cornel Sir,
How are You? Again Amazing photography! I Am Inspired By You! Snowfall Share Is Great!
Thank You

Wow Sheba has grown up sir and looking so cute and last time she was busy in managing dish.

Lovely snows pics also.

Thank you...steem on....and stay blissful.....

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lovely post ..
thanks for sharing sir...
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I blog for @scilwa and have posted the following for newcomers:


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@r2cornell wel photographer ...i want you teach me ..about photography

hello @ r2cornell
good post and highly qualified camera
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your welcome sir, i am very grateful to kind person like you

Happy to see Sheba after a long time & the scenery with snow is really beautiful. Nice Photography. Wish you both happy journey. 😊

Thank you

it's my photography,,,only for you..


Awww! Thank you. Very cute. I appreciate you thinking about me and sharing this photo!

thank you so mach...

@r2cornell, Absolutely brilliant photography. Very low temperature I guess. But got best clicks. Nature totally changed in winter season. Completely trees and earth taken white coloring with snow. Its most beautiful. You've nice description here. Thanks for inspiration.DQman3o7ymBxiTJ6AMoFs5J5H7HWLtC6gvZwJ8pycMT2oTj_640x480.jpg