Valentines Day is fast upon us.

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Greetings fellow Steemians!

I wanted to do a quick post before I head out of town for a few days. I have been trying to catch up on responding to all your posts. I drained my steem power for a 24 hour period, lower than I ever have. I still have responded to or up-voted everyone's post. As many of you you know after 7 days any upvoting has no affect that I can see. New responses to an older post can. For those who I have not gotten to read your comment and respond prior to the 7 days time frame I apologize. I let time elapse between posts so I can be more personal with all your comments and shared photos.

Saying that I have a few photos to share. They may not all be in the same topic area, but I trust they all will be appreciated.

I do not know how many countries/cultures around the world celebrate what we here in the US call Valentines Day. I know I have followers from around the globe so maybe you can enlighten me on the matter. Valentines Day gets a bit too commercial for me, but it is a time to express love (in case we forget) to our loved ones, but primarily our significant other, spouse, girlfriend... For me it is also a extra special day in my life because my Granddaughter (@alaysiababin) is a Valentine's child.

Seeing my wife and I will be out of town and not returning until Valentines Day I bought a couple of plants for my wife. This first one is my favorite. I have never had one before and both my wife and I are hoping it will do w well in the house. We need to study up on it:

2018-02-10 01.30.05.jpg

2018-02-10 01.30.23.jpg

I then spotted this miniature rose which can be grown indoors or outside. I used to raise them and propagate them from cuttings. That is something I learned from my father before he passed on.

2018-02-10 01.30.58.jpg

This rose plant is only 6 inches tall.

2018-02-10 01.32.23.jpg

I had to share this tree that grows close to my house. I hope you can see that it is growing on top of a rock. the rock is covered with moss, grass, and weeds. Once the snow is melted I will get another picture from the other side where you can see the roots crawling over the rock and finding nourishment in the earth.

2018-02-03 06.28.56.jpg

Well I would like to thank you for viewing/reading my post. Remember I will be out of town so may not be able to comment and upvote replies like I usually do. I plan to try and do some. I know some people have left comments on previous posts and I either missed them or my busy life did not allow me enough time to do it. Please do not take this personally...I keep trying to figure out how to respond to all, but sometimes with over 400 comments it get time consuming.

Have a great day everyone!


wow this is really beautiful miniature rose's which I've seen loved it these flowers.🌹🌹🌹
I'll be always waiting for your precious post like this 😊💖🌹🌹🌹

wonderful flowers photography dear @r2cornell

Thank you for your kind words. I used to have a collection of miniture roses. Cannot remember what happenned to them. I @m thinking of starting to collect them again and get nrew ones from starts. As always i am pleased you enjoyed them


sir,,this is my garden flowers. i will give you my nice flower.

thanks you...
Can I call you grandpa ...?
I want to be your younger grandson. Because I have no grandfather myself.

Yes you may

Hello grandfather I know you're tired today. So do you forget me?

thank you so much grandpaa..
Remember your grandchildren

haiii @ospro
is it true @r2cornell is your grandfather?
are you kidding me..?

thank you my dear @r2cornell:-) for your nice post.

you are noble as the flower @r2cornell

The nature that does not love, can not be the real are a great soul @r2cornell:-)

wow, again great post, flower is very nice, wonderful photography, Happy Valentines Day, i like you always, thank you @r2cornell
resteem done

nice flowes really mind touch color flowers..tnx for sharr sir i like your post

sir i am trying to contat you since 5 days .. are you busy ..or is everthing all right you are not replying

happy valentines day my [email protected]:-)
valentines gift for you....

I never find someone like you in this steemit platform. I really appreciate your Angst for others. Don't feel sorrow, I understand that you are busy enough & that's why you are not able to reply everyone.

Happy valentine day to you in advance and as you asked about valentine day in other countries, in India valentine day is celebrated mostly among teenagers.

Thank you. Interesting about valentine's day being mostly by teenagers. In USA it is wise to never forget valentines day for your sweetheart. 😉

this flower is noble as you are also

happy valentines day.this flowers in my for you..

Awesome flowers and your thinking for your followers and commenters is also good .
Keep posting , thanks

Thank you. And thank your for your kind words

you are great guy

The scenery is very beautiful I like it very much @r2cornell beautifull Valentines Day its so lovely thank you again @r2cornell

its looking lovely

I think valentines day is the best day.. Because in this day we beloved each other and take care of each other.. Thanks to sharing your information.. Stay blessed and be happy.. From @banjo me and @cleverbot

Thank you...great viewpoint of Valentines Day

And how old are you?

Okay, well my name is Laura. What is your name?

Amazing photography sir... you are great soul sir... i can understand sir... you can be busy it's natural... you have also your family & other outside this community... carry on sir... i'll wait for you... have fun... thank you sir☺👍

your welcome sir... ☺
when you are free you can check my blog sir☺

Very beautiful flower and your thinking is also nice..thanks for sharing

I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day and you and your wife. I wish you a good travel ♥ Take care of your wife because we women love to who cares about us Haha. Finally I would like to thank you for these wonderful photos. I'll see pictures of where you're going @r2cornell ♥♥ happy valentine in advance

""I am sorry if there are some mistakes because I do not know English very well""Have a great day everyone!_MG_2435.JPG

happy Valentines Day to every lover ! you bought the gift for you wife a flower! happy journey stay bless!

No one is owed a vote or a comment just because they showed up. Don't even worry about it. Are you going on a trip for Valentine's Day or did it just happen to coincide with it?

It's not your fault at all, but I don't think I've seen another blog with soo many spam comments on it. Bots must really like you! Ha ha. Your blog's still great though. I'm not at that stage of attention yet. One day. ;)

Thank you for your comment. We planned the trip to coincide with Valentines Day.

Yes there are a lot of Spam here. Bots are letting me those with duplicate accounts and I am gradually muting them. I am doing less upvoting on repetitive comments. I might do a post on these issues and a few others, that to me, fall in the same category.

wow that's a great flowers,,I love flowers,,,really nice photography.....

@r2cornell Really amazing photography

Wao,,, thanks mate for presenting these beautiful bunch of flowers photo mate, simply amazing, hope you stay well in the town, Enjoy the life....

Its amazing photography, happy valentines day for your family with all steem lover, great think post, flower is wonderful, I like flower, thank you sir
Have a good day
@resteem done

Thank you! And thank you for the resteem.

lots of interaction with community people that is great thanks for sharing this beautiful post have a great journey

Hi sir as always your posts are so beautiful i like those flowers. Happy Valentines and good travel.

😍😍😍welcome sir

I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day and you and your wife. I wish you a good travel ♥ Take care of your wife because we women love to who cares about us Haha. Finally I would like to thank you for these wonderful photos. I'll see pictures of where you're going @r2cornell ♥♥ happy valentine in advance

""I am sorry if there are some mistakes because I do not know English very well""

sir...have a great travel...wish u always will be alright....
keep faith in your mind....

take care of yourself and your family...

and thank you very share such kind amazing it.

god bless you, hope so your valentines will be special, Happy Valentine's Day @r2cornell sir

thanks @r2cornell:-) for your nice post.

Thank you and thank you for your kind words

have you ever seen the royal bengal tiger @r2cornell?????if you want to see this beast , you have to come in bangladesh


Beautiful animal.

thank you a lot. hello @r2cornell,today i have posted about Sajek valley a heavenly beautiful place in bangladesh. i will be glad if you see this post

nice natural shots..super post

great photography & amazing Flowers i love the color
I already posted some flowers photography taken by me :

if you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love :)
true love is hard to find once you find it every day is valentines ^_^

reallly it's looking awesome....
nice to share.....
thank you very much.......


mindblowing experience, it's great photography, thank you very much

Thank you. Very beautiful photo.

Fantastic photography @r2cornell sir and this a perfect way to wish for valentine day.

Thank you.

You don't need to apologize my friend. We celebrate in Turkey and flower is the most common gift for this day :) thanks for these wonderful photos, have a nice day!

Its fantastic post. I like this post very much.
@r2cornell:-) you are boss

god bless you...hope so your valentines will be special...

love you @r2cornell sir...

Thank you. It is nice to hear how itnis celebrated in other parts of the world.

good job sir i like it nice flower

Wonderful post sir. Much obliged for sharing sir

Really cool flowers and more to share something like that in san valentines day. Regards

best flower ever ! Valentines Day is comming! great photography!

123.jpg also beautiful.What is the name of this place?

Very beautiful!

sir,,come on bangladesh,,and see our beautifull revar and nature.

happy valentines with your great expression.....

amazing photography, thank you @r2cornell

Very beautiful coloring rose flower. I love it.

well nice to see the flowers and the beautifull tree and hope after some days after snow this tree look more beautifull man

Thank you

This flower in my garden. I think you like it.

nice pink flower, great post @r2cornell

Excellent plant with beauty flowers.

Very pretty. What flower is this? It looks to me like an aster...

really tree is awesome

It is about making you think from a different perspective.
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

Have a great journey @r2cornell! these flowers are absolutely beautiful . the framing angle of your photo was great👌. Valentine day may be commercial but the love is pure ❤

I like the colors of cyclamen, here is my flowers hope You likeIMG_20180129_171247121.jpg

The pics looks super beautiful have a great time ahead and keep posting :D

That miniature rose is really looking beautiful.

Thank you ...steem on and stay blissful...

yes we all know that reading every comment and responding to every comment takes a lot of time.
Don't you worry no one will take it personally.
Have a good day.

your welcome .

Excellent natural presents @r2cornell.
Thanks for sharing community.


I hope that you will live in love and harmony with your lifetime, not just today
Beautiful flowers Thanks for sharing with us

Thank you. You present a wonderful words to ponder

yes sir, you are right. Its great.

thats great to hear about your grand daughter i think this day is double speciall for her and also for you and beautifull flowers and small plant .. best wishes for you with your whole family on this day and in your whole life @rcornell

my dear @r2cornell:- this flower for you.

I really love him,,,i love flowers...

Happy Valentines Day For All, white rose is really amazing, great post

oh really great photography...

it's really cool sir.........
happy valentines sir

wow that's a great,, and nice photography..

hope sir you will completely your valentine with your special person......
best wishes for your family.......

@resteem done

Thank you for kind words

t's really gives me pleasant....when i saw your post...
and i know your post means something special...

it's really... i get to see some exceptional flower nature and valuable that...keep smile in my mind always...thank you very much sir to join with us...

resteem done

Excellent looking plants you bought for Valentine day. Awesome.

it's really gives me pleasant....when i saw your post...
and i know your post means something special...

it's really... i get to see some exceptional flower nature and valuable that...keep smile in my mind always...thank you very much sir to join with us...

resteem done

Thank you for your kind words, and resteem

You’re photography is geing better and better grandpa! I love it!! ☺️

Thank you sweetheart. I appreciate it. Hope to see more photography on your blog too!

this is my last shot btw you missed much great shots on my blog

I try to get to everyones blog . but at times difficult tryi g visit over 1700 blogs.

this is the beauty of bangladesh


An incredible scene. I had no idea how beautiful it was there. Thank you

recently i have posted about the beauty of Bangladesh. please visit my blog and you will be delight

happy valentines day sweet @r2cornell

you are a boss my dear @r2cornell:-). I follow your post..

Very beautiful flower , and your thinking is also nice . Have a nice day dear

really a nice post i didnt have completely read it now but wish a very very happy valentines day and thanks for the post i always wait for your post as you we have seem a little from you and i know your busy in supporting new and begginer in steemit and also in your personal life so thanks!

I love rose

new photography

thanks for your compliment

Thank you very much
I am glad I found you article
thank you so much for your compliment

Marvelouse photography of these flowers, looking very pretty and very much beautiful you have a good eye to capture those beautiful flowers, especialy light pink flowers attract me most. In this flowers your photos light pink and white color combination is just awsome, another words saying its fatabulouse. Well your photography is pretty much. I wish you have a gratefull valentin's day with your family and your wife, have wonderful your trip, enjoying the happy moments of life. 😊

Thank you . Glad you like

Happy valentines day in advance in case if i would not get a chance to wish and enjoy your trip at peak and take good care of yourself.Flowers are very pretty love their color :_)

decent to see the blossoms and the beautifull tree and expectation after some days after snow this tree look more beautifull man

hope you're enjoyed your trip to out of home town 😊
last One in picture Tree is awesome stunning capture,
wish you have a great valenstinday with your family keep enyoing @Robert

it's an amazing, your like very much, have a nice day, i wish you valentine's day,
thank you sir
resteem done

Thank you. Beautiful white rose

wow so so beaurifull and attractive flowers and really the best gift for your wife with these cool lovely flowers @r2cornell sir ,,happy valentine in advance