How happy to enter the long bean harvest.

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Hello lovely friends!
Today I went to the fields with my sons. We saw plants that we cultivated. they are very happy to see the plants grow well. We plant long beans. today we see that long beans have started before harvest time.
Long beans which in Latin Vigna Sinensis are classified into the legume family.
We plant these beans in beds that we cover with mulch plastic. Besides facilitating control of mulch weeds, it also protects the soil from nutrient and water availability.
Although weeds do not greatly affect the absorption of nutrients by long beans. More grass grows outside the mulch so that the availability of nutrients is sufficient and makes long beans grow well.


Enter Harvest Season

Beans are ready for harvest after 45-50 days. Fruit that is ready for harvest is whitish green. Harvesting is done by picking, usually a long bean harvest period in one cultivation cycle is 15-18 times. Yield of long beans depends on many variables, including types of crop varieties, seed quality and maintenance.


How to pick fruit at harvest determines the productivity of the next crop. There are two ways to pick long beans. First, break the fruit stalk in the opposite direction to the fruit's indentation attached to the fruit. Second, by turning the fruit off the stem. Both ways can avoid damage to flowers or fruits that are not ready for harvest.
After being picked we will tie it. We usually take it directly to the market for sale. There, vegetable traders who shop for resale to consumers can get fresh long beans so that consumers still get satisfaction with healthy vegetables.
I believe the nutritional content in long beans will be able to support the growth and health of family members. This will be useful to meet the nutritional needs of all people, especially children. Children who love to eat vegetables will be fulfilled the need for fiber and minerals and vitamins in long beans.
Thus all my writing this time may be useful for us all.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.