elk video that was great to share...
thank you very much sir...
love it

I had been watching these two from my blind and was happy when they came through when it was daylight. This doe is smart and she knows when I am out in the hills. I have seen her the last couple of years. She usually has twins. She can know where I am at at a 100 paces. She likes stomping her foot and bleating at me.

love to read it. I likes your post.

its Amazing sir @r2cornell it is astonishing to see that you have been seeing for years 🦌🦌🦌🦌🙂😍

No matter how often i see wildlife i am still amazed

sir @r2cornell ..

its a wonder that such a fortune is not everyone
such as ME bt i hope i will also see you one day

These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed

lion is my favorite animals

Beautiful Animal

i love lion, its my favorite animals

owo i think you like too animals they are simple @r2cornell thanks for reply sir
i am waiting your next 🙂🙂