I did think of that but I didn't know ice plates can have such a straight edges.
ow and for some reason my upvotes aren't going through
2018-03-07 10_51_06-Fox River — Steemit.jpg
I'll keep trying till they do because I learned something new from it

right on, bud. I've never seen them occur in this fashion. The straight line fractures were in a small bay/ enclave. They formed perpendicular to the directional flow of the river. Good opportunity for a pic!

My thoughts or potential reasoning on this observation; not theory, law, belief; but merely a notion, contends the square sheets were formed like so: The Fox did not freeze over this winter, yet bays on the river did ( like the one pictured). The recent warm weather melted the ice in the tiny bay significantly (just a guess!!). Since boat traffic can navigate the center of the river, the wake from the boat nperpendicular manner. The chop made the ice noticably unstable/buoyant and ready to react o change The spacing of the boat chop waves made the baby waves in question seem even lafger
waves. Those waves broke the fragile ice shelf when they peaked and creaked a straight line.
Creating Rukus, breaking the ice/water/ contaminants whenever the tangential maximal from the chop wave is reached, splitting the ice preisely there. I may also have contributed., possibly in another life. THIS IS JUST AN IDEA! I WAS NOT A WITNESS!! open to any possible explanations...

your notion sounds possible, I can't think of a better reason unless we consider the possibility of a prankster elf with a huge saw and lots of free time.
well I'm not that experienced in fluid physics to come up with an explanation for the ice but I think I figured out the problem why I can't upvote: 5-6 days ago I made accounts for friends and almost all of my SP is locked in delegation, due to low SP I can't upvote, but it should be fixed today or tomorrow when my SP returns ^_^

well, i appreciate it. Ill be sure to follow and vote your posts as well. Ice was too thin even for elves 😄

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