Please help me identify this plant/fungi.....

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Evening guys. So it has been extremely wet and cold here in the UK right now, which is to be expected as it is mid December. On a countryside walk to get some fresh air I came across the plant in my photograph. I think it is a mushroom of some sort. At first glance it looked like a piece of fruit where the outside flesh had been peeled off and just the stone left in the middle. Then in typical schoolboy fashion I poked it with a stick and what I assume were spores or mould came out the top as what I thought was a stone/seed was soft and fleshy. If anyone can tell me what it is, I’d be really grateful. Cheers SkunkApe.

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Evening Mate, I have resteemed your post with the Newbie Resteem account . We are a non profit group of volunteers on the Steem block chain who support content creators by promoting their work and posts. I personally don't know what this particular plant is, some of the other guys on Newbieresteem may know as their knowledge in this field far outweighs mine, so I'll ask around. It does look like some sort of fungi in a stage of decomposition. Hopefully through this resteem you may get your answer my friend, or I guess your other option is to google it and see what comes up.

it looks like what we call Puffballs in Alaska. They kind of sit mostly in the ground are generally round, and when they are dry if you kick them out of the ground you get a lot of mushroom dust. I have no real idea if they are edible or not, but boy do they explode when kicked if they are dry.

Thank you, I was thinking some sort of puffball as well but it is the way the outside has peeled off like petals which confused me. On both smaller and Giant puffballs (the giant ones are edible) I’ve never seen that occur. I also never knew they were in Alaska, so that’s a cool bit of information.

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