Baby Steps

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A girl trying for the first time surfing. Face her fears and connect to the nature. Joy is clear.


Hello @SoulDelas

  • I am a nice guy, that is why I am downvoting you for all the SPAM you produce.
  • Your Reputation is now only 8
  • Your Rewards on SPAM comments for the last 3 days is gone.
  • Stop the SPAM and I will of course stop the downvoting.
  • It is up to you, you decide.

Get honest and straight and you will have a bright future her on Steemit!

I wish you all the best
@Ramta Reddington

Unfortunately, there are always enemies of success, and in general a point of black water in the sea will not change anything, and anyone who tries to hurt someone is harming only himself, because he is charging his soul with negative energy, which harm him more than harm others, I hope this person named @souldelas should reconsider what he is doing for his own sake and try to take advantage of the benefits of Steemit and spread the positive energy that will benefit everyone.
Personally, I believe that each of us has a dark side and a bright side, but each one of us tries not to fight his dark side and makes himself a human being who benefits himself before he benefits others, and this is what I ask of you @souldelas, and this is only for your benefit and i wish you all the best.
In conclusion, the message conveyed by the video attached above explained everything in full detail thank you again for your advices sir @ramta.


I have asked her to remove her comments from my post where she is commenting spam and not even up voting the post and given her several chances but now I have started to down vote her comments on my post.

If you dislike this type of behavior as much as me maybe you would be interested in flagging someone that spammed on my post along with up voted a semi large up vote on their own comment without even up voting my post they spammed.

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The challenge facing this struggle is very powerful, I really like it.