Mushrooms mushrooms everywhere

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Here's a selection of mushrooms all from one hike recently in New Hampshire woods. This is one of the most interesting.

These plain round mushrooms have a visitor.


Yellow mushroom. I have posted some other photos of this mushroom type that show the color better.

Possible the best color of any of these mushrooms, certainly the richest. Also the only shelf type mushroom.

Mushrooms pushing up through the debris on the forest floor.


New Hampshire. September 2018. All photos original.


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Wow...these look like aliens or something.

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Yeah it was nice to find such a variety of different mushrooms

Very Nice ....!!!!
Awesome photos..(:

Thanks @annephilbrick I have a few more, probably for tomorrow

Look fwd to seeing them..

Yes, couple of days back. I also saw so many mushrooms. Beautiful and unique. so many varieties. its very hard to find which one is edible and which one is not. I heard from so many of friends that wild mushrooms are more poisonous than edible. I wish I am able to recognize that.

Yes I only take pictures :)

Mushrooms are fascinating, aren't they! We only have the common white and beige ones, not color ones. You even got a slug for a treat!

Yes these were so beautiful and such variety plus the bonus slug :)

Great pictures as always @Steven-patrick and continue to Steem on!

are they edible? people in Russia collect mushrooms to eat (the same is in Italy, but I am not sure about States... )

Yes people forage mushrooms in the States but I don't know enough about which ones to eat so I just take pictures :)

I have always wished I could go for a walk through the woods with an expert mushroom hunter. It would be so nice to know what some of these were. Great photos!

I agree. I think foraging for mushrooms would be fun but my lack of knowledge prevents it :(

Great pictures. Especially good light on nr. 5 and 6 👍🏻

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good finds :) I see that some of them are edible mushrooms :) we sometimes collect some of them

I always want to collect mushrooms but don't know the different types

I always want to
Collect mushrooms but don't know
The different types

                 - steven-patrick

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

among them, a lot of false mushrooms, so it is easy to make a mistake and of course need the necessary knowledge :)

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