Hurricane Florence update.

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Hurricane Florence has changed its course and speed from 140m/h to 100m/h! Though, it's still a dangerous one. We in South Carolina state, USA, will expect strong wind around 75m/h by 2am Saturday morning.

We prepared all we could awaiting for the storm🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Glad you are prepared... Keep safe guys... Keep us updated...

Thank you for your concern.

No problem at all, I know there will be more people not as prepared and closer to the storm... We are all part of the human race and we should care more about others and help where we can, even if that is just in kind heartfelt words... #weareinthistogether

You are absolutely right! There is an idiom in our culture, I'll try to translate as close as I could:

"There is no cost for what you say
Select words to say so they would not hurt anyone"

I love it!! It's so true though the only thing that is free in this world is manners, respect and kind-heartedness... I just wish more people would realize this though...