Pretty Roses - Just Loving Elegance of Nature

in #nature4 years ago

May this beautiful roses make your day today a better day

"We only live once so we better treasure every moment that we can have, and live the way you'll not regret it in your deathbed someday"

Life is hard. It's never easy. But it gets even harder when you lose your grip with what's right and living with wrongs doesn't make it any easier. I just wanna take this loneliness and heartache off out of my heart so may these beautiful flowers help me because when I see them, I'm being reminded how good life can be.

I'm really in pain right now but I don't wanna lose my sanity for I know there's something better than crying in the dark walls of betrayal, pain and loneliness.


Beautiful post. I love the message and the roses are nice. I hope that everything turns around for you. Thanks for your post.

Gorgeous roses! 😍👍 I hope you are better now...