Farewell Summer and an ode to clumsiness. My journey back to the sea and a poem

in #naturelast year (edited)

Some impressions of my recent trip to the sea and a moody poem inspired by the Ocean.

First... what's going on? so many posts today?

After such quiet while suddenly you post several times? It was a little mistake editing due to being tired.

So after a month of not posting suddenly I seem to be posting all at once? Sorry for my clumsiness I simply edited the
posts wrongly on multiple windows...Apparently this is my day for clumsiness... so you get a bit of "too much of me" all of a sudden. I've posted several times and obviously I'm tired and heading out to bed blushing but I'm going to make up for it with a series of pictures from last Tuesday, a sneak peak of a video I'm making. So at least they are all different posts now that I would have preferred to schedule better.

Return to the sea

I was born in an oceanic island, La Palma (Canary Islands) but I live now inland... Still I miss the ocean so much... It has taken me one year though to return to salty waters... The foam and spray helped me so much. This beach is Zumaia one of famous "Games of Thrones" locations. Sea water is warmer than the usual river ponds were I bathe now. As I explained some posts before this Summer has been a "challenge" for me and it's been kind of a healing journey.

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-8.jpg

Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon, Greek God of the seas... one of the many Nereids (Ocean Nymphs). Are there legends of water spirits in your area?

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Venus, representation of "Womanhood" was also born from Sea foam

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

The first book I ever read was a compilation of Hans Christian Andersen tales including The Little Mermaid I always found tragic how she ended up becoming sea foam, but it was also a tale of transformation

I spent hours and hours last Tuesday... absolutely mesmerized as the low tide grew back in and covered all the exposed Flysch (a special geological formation). We stayed until sunset, when the seagulls joined the moody skies to greet us.

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

The Sentinel (Poem)

So here I little poem I wrote

When the winding path leads my weary feet back to the shore
and the tidal waves are lifting as they make the oceans roar
as they lash against the rocks
and the seagulls are squalling over my head
against clouds moving swiftly
Then If you ask me to ride on the foamy edge
and get caught in the undertow
I will carry with me your unspoken vows
and dive to hide them deep
fathoms below

So that was all for today...

sorry for the multiple posting, It was my mistake due to being tired but I hope you have enjoyed them all


Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg


All pictures of me by @hedac last Tuesday

And now ready to face what's coming...

Goddess of the Sea - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Location: Zumaia Flysch

Finally here a mosaic of impressions of that day where you can appreciate the amazing geological formations in the Guipuzcoan Coast that lead down into the sea, formed through the erosive action of water and movements of land over the course of 50 million years, in fact they include fossil evidence of the massive extinction of the dinosaurs due to a meteorite. These whimsical have always been of interest to geologists on account of their fossil remains. The cliffs are impressive and the Flysch is only exposed at low tide so you must plan your visit accordingly not to be trapped by the tides. Overall an amazing day.


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Oh i love your energy & posts 💚🌊🌾🍃
This one did not disappoint. Much Love, Many Blessings and Beautiful healing Pris ❤🌳❤🌲❤

Thank you, I accidentally posted the autumn one several times by mistake, editing on multiple window and just being tired, so I hurried to edit and share this recent shoot (just last Tuesday). But glad you find it worth after the mishap :)

Lovely images from what I can only imagine was an incredible day.
There's something so comforting when feeling waves of water crashing against you. Or just letting yourself being pulled and pushed back and forth.
Lovely post and it matters little you shared it with us twice. I just look at it in this way: double the splashy fun! 😃😉

We arrived at low tide where the ancient flysch is all exposed, I am editing right now the video we filmed (not these pictures) It was a lovely day with lovely temperature. :) Now Autumn is settling in

Sounds wonderful. I'll have to go see this place on a vacation one day.
I'll let you know when that happens. 😉

well this is the FLYSCH ROUTE in the Basque Country, not where I live, we made the trip there :) it's the location they used in Game of Thrones for Dragonstone, still I live in a lovely place worth the visit too haha

Did you get dunked while taking some of these? :D

I miss the ocean too.

hahah yes I was splashed all over and in one of them I rolled back to the water´s edge a bit hahah you can actually feel my hair is a bit undone in some of the pictures, like having 80s big hair or something, I had already been undone a bit hahah

LoL! Ahh I do enjoy these "behing the scenes" stories as much as the actual thing XD

hahah yes there are a lot of "not a diva" moments in between hahaha XD

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Beautiful pictures! I have clumsy days too and sometimes apps don’t behave either. Then I stay up until 1:00 in the morning trying to get a silly post done! Hope tomorrow is a better day. ❤️

Thanks for the compliment Jayna, well I hope people sense that posting three times in a row was not intended, still all posts are different now, I even skipped dinner, but I'm not editing the typos now hahah I am so tired I may do further mess. hope they are worth now to make up for the mistake.

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Well, I hope you have a large collection of finished posts or drafts at least, so you can make up for the mix up and now wasted scheduling - I know not having posts near completion or that you can schedule out can be a little frustrating if you're trying to stay active and consistent.

I absolutely LOVE the water and swim like a fish. I've never seen the ocean always been curious about it and its creatures are so magnificent!