The sad blush of the sunset

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The sad blush of the sunset

The sad blush of the sunset
Looks through the curly fir trees.
My soul is enveloped in sadness, -
In it the sounds of love rang out. In it quietly, so quietly grave,
That the heart suffers in silence, -
So strong, painfully strong

Where have you gone with your clear sunset,
Days of my vigorous old age!
In your
presence, I did not mourn the loss of my youthful days with neither complaint nor vain murmur. No, the burden of later years did not weigh on me,
I also lived a full life;
Neither the mind withers, nor the heart grows old, I
also loved everything that I loved before. I was not alien to inspiration,
Labor of thought, bright dreams,
And impressionability, and sacrifices of the
Soul, who knew the power and charm of beauty. Like a gusty wind breaks venerable oak,
And the disease broke me too.
All the joys of the earth are covered with sudden darkness
In me, and everything around suddenly emptied. With each day of life, the path is darker and more hopeless,
The strings of being broke:
A suffering shadow, a fragment of the old life,
Myself, the living dead, I am experiencing. Only torment could survive from life,
Their sharp poison has grown to the chest.
And I ask: where is the goodness of providence?


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