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RE: WATER WEDNESDAY IS OPEN! (Nature Photo Contest, Week 2)

Puyuhuapi Bay - Chile
This photo was taken when I was camping near the Puyuhuapi Bay in Chile back in summer 2016. Patagonia is known for it's changing weather, they say you can have all four seasons in one day but mostly it's cloudy and rainy with lots of winds.
This day though, I woke up early in the morning, rain had stopped and the moment I've openned my tent I was surprised by this reflection, there was no wind at all. I tryed to register it with my cheap camera before it started rainning again.


Your cheap camera doesn't make the view less gorgeous. :) Cool reflection there. I was living in the south of Chile at that time! =)

Thank you! That's really cool! I love Chile. Where have you lived?

Santiago and Concepcion. :)

Super! I wish I've had the time to visit Santiago when I've been to Chile. Maybe next time.