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RE: WATER WEDNESDAY IS OPEN! (Nature Photo Contest, Week 2)

It is possible to watch dolphins very often in various seas and oceans. These animals like to accompany the ships and boats, playing and frolicing nearby.
And here to find the place where in the wild nature it is possible to swim for a while and dive near these surprising sea inhabitants, not so simply. In 2012 I have for this purpose gone to Mozambique where in warm waters of the Indian Ocean there were several surprising meetings.



@photofreediver, this is really an amazing photograph! I would suggest you save it for Flora and Fauna Friday though, as in this contest the main subject should be water. I'd hate to see this disqualified! :)
I have updated the main post to clarify the theme.

This is my mistake, I'm very sorry! Leave this photo until Friday :)

You are welcome to submit another photo if you'd like to follow my suggestion.