This is what an owl without feathers looks like.

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This is what an owl without feathers looks like. Pretty little nightmare, isn't it? Let's take a quick look at her anatomy...

About hooks: their sharp long claws are strongly bent. The owl's beak bends from the very base, and also ends in a short hook. By the way, with the help of the beak, owls can produce a characteristic click, expressing strong excitement or irritation, and not just eat mice.
About the eyes: the eyes of owls are very large and look only forward, the owl can not move them like a person. The world for owls is black and white. Contrary to the belief that owls do not see anything during the day, they are not so sensitive to daylight and in fact, they see everything perfectly (so do not do anything in front of them that you might be ashamed of). About the ears: The hearing of owls is extremely subtle. It's almost four times thinner than a cat's. The outer ear is relatively large and can be covered by a mobile fold of skin that is feathered on the outside.

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