Who is the finals mvp if warriors win cavs tomorrow?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #nba4 years ago

Kevin Durant dominates the first 3 games and get 30 points per game and have game winner in game 3

Stephen Curry also perform well in the finals and get around 30 points per game and got 13 rebounds in game 3

I hope Curry can get the finals mvp because I think he should get it in 2015 and Durant have just joined Warriors although he has huge contribution in the playoffs


Although I hope Stepth can get what he deserves, I think KD will be the FMVP.

I wrote some comments about FMVP. If you are interested on it, please upvote me.


I vote for KD this year, even thought my personal favourite is Curry. KD dominated the Final this year, he deserves a MVP. Curry is not showing his best this year, unless his play miracle in game 4 and take the Champion, otherwise, he cannot take the MVP title this year.

KD is definitely winning the finals MVP. However I have to disagree with you on Curry not showing his best this finals. I'm pretty sure he's close to averaging 30 points a game, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds and 2 steals in this finals.

No doubt its gonna be KD. He's been a stone cold assassin this whole series. I love how much you can tell he wants it

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