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As you all may have heard, Eric Bledsoe has finally been traded to the Bucks for Greg Monroe. Sounds like Monroe will not play a game for the Suns and will get bought out so look for another team to pick him up on a rental basis. Let's take a look at both squads to see which players gained in terms of fantasy production.

Devin Booker - If it wasn't already his team, it is now. Look for an all star season from the sharp shooter

TJ Warren - He's really coming into his own now. A good two way player who can't do any one thing exceptionally but does a lot of things well. Look for a Kris Middleton type season from him

Tyler Ulis - His stock should be rising but I just don't think he's good enough to ever sustain quality production

Giannis Antetokounmpo - If you think his production is going to take a hit because of Bledsoe arriving, think again. Nobody is stopping the Greak Freak from his run at MVP. Well, maybe Harden...

Kris Middleton - As much as I hate to say it (because I own him in a couple of leagues) but Middleton might lost some value here. He's an excellent play maker and the bucks run a lot of offence through him. That opportunity might not come as often when Bledsoe is on the floor.

Malcolm Brogdon - He has the most to lose. He will lose some playing time and shots to Bledsoe. I do, however envision Kidd going small often with Malcolm at the point and Bledsoe at the 2 so not all bad.


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