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I’ve been seeing a few videos here and there of NBA players trying to guess their 2K rating. For those of you who don’t know, NBA 2K is releasing this year’s game with updated ratings for all the NBA players. Most of them grew up playing this video game so seeing themselves in the game must be an unreal experience.

These players are obviously very competitive so having a high rating means bragging rights for the rest of the year. Some of these videos are hilarious and Joel Embiid’s is my personal favourite. I also liked how DeMar said he’s okay with his rating as well since it allows him to increase it during the season. The 2K team update the ratings based on the player’s performance during the regular season. So, it gives DeMar something to play for… Which is great for me since I’m a Raptors fan!

Check out these short and funny clips below!

Part 1 - Damian Lillard, Isaiah Thomas, Joel Embiid, Paul George and Kyrie Irving

Part 2 – DeMar DeRozan, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and D'angelo Russell

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Let me know if you think these ratings are correct. I personally think Embiid should be a little higher but maybe they put him lower because of how injure prone he is haha!


I agree Embiid should be a little higher

Yup he should be... Once he plays a full season.

2K is underrating Kyrie Irving the most. Since being the cover athlete for NBA2K18, Kyrie should definitely have a boost in his overall rating this year.

Agreed. I think he should be at a 92-93 at least. That's a far more fair rating for a player like Kyrie.

Ratings have been fair so far, Im interested to see the rest of the non-allstar player ratings

Haha I don't know about fair. Is KAT actually better than Kyrie? I can debate both sides on this one.

I know! These reactions were way too funny.