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A Cryptocurrency Exchange is connected to a stock market exchange. It is a third-party platform on which you can buy or sell Cryptocurrencies. A Cryptocurrency can only be exchanged to fiat or another Cryptocurrency on an exchange.

There are different numereous types of Cryptocurrency exchange based on the type of services they offer. In choosing an exchange, factors such as security, speed, fees, method of purchase, ease of use, efficient customer service, etc. must be considered. Nebula Exchange is one of the verifed and highly recommend Crytocurrency exchange; a platform based in Singapore. The exchange was launched towards the end of February with a new and innovative reputation system.

Nebula Exchange is built with small and upcoming projects in mind. Nebula exchange is going to support digital currencies and blockchain projects abandoned by leading digital currency trading platforms.

As indicated by the development group working at the Nebula Exchange, this exchange was worked considering stranded projects. These projects have been unable to locate a reasonable listing. It will bolster computerized monetary standards and blockchain projects abandoned by advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. A portion of the significant exchanges have a listing expense that reaches from $50,000 to over $500,000. This is a figure, which little projects can't manage.


▪️ Fiat Trading

There will also be an option to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies for fiat, majorly EUR and USD, with a simple Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure and secure deposit options.


Nebula implemented a robust multi-signature encrypted cold storage of client funds safely offline, in order to prevent hacks and thefts inline with the security breaches and hacks, such as the theft of over $530 million worth of NEM from Japanese trading platform Coincheck caused by the usage of hot wallets.

▪️ Android & iOS App

Nebula promises the launch of mobile application for Android and iOS devices that will enable clients to trade at ease. Clients will have the capacity to completely exchange on the trade even while sitting in transport!

▪️Low Fees

The low fees is particularly attractive, as well as the possibility to invest in upcoming, but promising crypto projects, which are not listed elsewhere.


The Nebula Exchange venture offers a wallet with the capacity to make a few marks. The wallet will incorporate every one of the highlights that are normal for this innovation.


Transaction Fee: The Nebula exchange will charge a percentage of 0.1% for all transactions that take place on the platform. These fees may be revised anytime, due to management order. This fees does not include any special offer or referral kickbacks.

Listing Fee: Every new project on the exchange will be required to pay certain listing fee, although these fees will be made affordable for startup project in order to get their coins trading on the exchange.

Withdrawal Fee: Withdrawals of funds from the platform will be charge with little amount of fee to help sustain the exchange.



Token symbol: NESC
Token type: ERC20
Total tokens: 100 million tokens
ICO supply (private & public): 75 million tokens
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD
Price: 0.4 USD
Projected sale date: TBA



Nebula exchange looks very promising and encouraging and has some really nice features. as long as it at last dispatches its activities. Until further notice it is just making guarantees and deferring the begin. Above all — the group as of now has an extremely working venture, there is something that they can truly indicate financial specialists.

Nebula Useful Links for informations:

Ann Thread:

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This is a unique project. This exchange has a lot of potential to succeed.
Great review

Sure it has alot to prove.

Well contrusted article and a very intriguing project I must go through the white paper

This is an innovative project. Great review. I would be looking into the whitepaper to know more about the project

Do make sure, you will not have a regret.

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