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RE: NeedleWorkMonday Upcycle Challenge!

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Dear girls, I missed this post Thanks for reminding me off this awsom post. I am always upcycling in My monday featured blogs in the #needleworkmonday so I am in. I saw My friend @neumannsalva donating 3 Steem for next weeks prizes, I am donating 3 Steem for week 2 how about that. Just mention the sponsors 😉😉
I love the needlework community so I am off picking a New project 💃
The motto is always support and inspire


Thank you so much!! This is very kind and supportive of you and it is greatly appreciated! We will run the contest 2 weeks in a row randomly picking 3 participants to win each week! 😃🤩🤗

It will definitely be announced that the rewards were sponsored by you and @neumannsalva! 👍🏽😉

Thank you my dear! Looking forward to seeing the entries~

I Will transfer 3 Steem now 😉

I Made the transfer

Thank you!!!! 🤗