NeedleWorkMonday - My Homesteaders Co-op Marketplace Sneak Peek Inventory!

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I have given several hints in previous posts that I will be joining as a vendor! If you missed those posts or have not yet heard of @homesteaderscoop I need to fill you in!

Homesteaders Co-op, founded by @sagescrub, is a community marketplace where homesteaders from around the world offer their handmade and homegrown sustainable goods and ecological services in exchange for USD, STEEM and SBD! You heard it right! You can use your hard earned and/or purchased Steem and Sbd to buy sustainable goods!


Logo created by @frejafri

Directly from the site...

Our Mission

We built the Co-op with three aims:

  1. to empower homesteaders through a concerted marketing effort that would support each other’s livelihood
  2. to offer more diverse choices of quality and sustainable products made by small businesses
  3. to offer more market options for using STEEM and SBD tokens, as well as USD

This is incredible! Might I add that vendors are not charged any processing or transaction fees due to the privilege of being able to use alternative currencies. We get to keep every cent earned and that is just truly amazing and unheard of. We get to show our appreciation by delegating to and upvoting the @homesteaderscoop account at least once a day with one full upvote (100%), and by promoting our store and products. That’s not a lot to ask considering the benefits we get to enjoy. @homesteaderscoop is setting the stage for us small business owners to provide for our families at the same time share a piece of our viable lives with others.


I was so thrilled learning about this initiative and knew that this was something I wanted to be apart of. I have been tossing around the idea of opening my own online store but never took the steps. I am now officially labeled as a Homesteaders Co-op vendor and am currently working hard on my inventory.

I have been crocheting for eight years. I wanted to learn the skill in order to make my own wearable fashion and provide winter necessities for my has turned into something much bigger. Making my family’s winter garments lead into other relatives and friends making requests for items. Eventually once word got out and photos were shared of what I was doing, people began giving yarn to me, donating the stash they had laying around their homes. Before long I had a generous inventory of craft supplies built up and I intended on using them all.

Of course we can make plans but time is not always on our side. I have slowly made a name for myself with a side business venture that has helped my family during tough times. Being a stay at home mom with five children while my husband works hard has it’s challenges. We were determined to make things work because we wanted to give our children a good foundation and start their education at home. With this opportunity that homesteaderscoop is giving us I now have the opportunity to make some incredible things with the supplies I was blessed with. It also feels very rewarding being able to help support my family with the gift of my hand skills :)

The @NeedleWorkMonday community knows how much time and effort it takes to make handmade items. This is one of those things that won’t just happen, you literally have to work at it. It will be a slow build but I’m determined to make beautiful and functional things for my customers.

There are three main reasons for making this post:

1. To spread the word about Homesteaders Co-op!
2. To give you a preview of items I have to offer!
3. To invite the @needleworkmonday community to join me in selling their handmade goods! More on this part later.


Homesteading Fashion Supplies


I love making functional products, the ones that won’t just lay around but can be put to good use. I also believe that functional products should also be fashionable and lovely to wear. I love playing with color combinations and seeing what designs develop from them. I want to make items that help with day to day chores and tasks but at the same time I want my customers to feel amazing while wearing or using them.

This egg gathering apron fits the bill. It’s stylish with modern colors and will help make your job easier. It has 13 egg pockets (amounts will vary) and a cellphone pouch. The pouch can also hold a pen and small notepad or whatever you wish to use it for.



I plan on making many variety of these as well as garden aprons (to hold your garden tools and supplies). I also would like to make plant cozies to hug your indoor plants and hang your outdoor ones.


Decorative Storage


I love it when an item can serve more than one purpose. That is what these crocheted storage baskets are for. Not only do they help you store away small items but you can do so in a fashionable manner to help decorate your home...



You can put these on your bathroom counter to store guest cloths and soaps. You can put them on your dining room table to help prevent from losing the remotes to your television and game devices. You can utilize them in your baby’s room to hold their toys...


Really, the possibilities are endless. Whichever you decide it will leave that space more colorful and decorative ;)

I also plan to make coasters for protecting your furniture while giving your tables flare!


Trendy Wearables


These rope necklaces are very stylish and trendy! They are great to wear on cooler days when you don’t want to wear a jacket. They make nice additions to your outfit and are definitely a conversation starter.

These are fun to make because not only can you play around with the colors but also with the length. Some of the rope necklaces I make are long enough to wrap around twice to wear as a scarf for the colder months.

I also make these neck warmers for the Fall/Winter season...


This is where I get to have button fun :D
The buttons used here are coconut shells. I try to use more natural materials when making my items as much as possible.


Newborn Photo Props & All Things Baby


Of all the things I have crocheted the baby items are my favorite. Newborn photo props have become very popular over the last few years. This is a baby girl hair bow and a baby boy tie that can be used when taking your baby’s first photos.

Among these items I plan to make baby pants, skirts, hats, blankets, cardigans and more.


Needleworkers Invitation

To my #NeedleWorkMonday friends, if this post has interested you and you would like to find out more on how to become a Homesteaders Co-op Vendor, you can read the details Here!

I know that some of you have also talked about selling your items one day. This could possibly be what you have been waiting for. What a wonderful opportunity to be apart of an ethically minded community while at the same time earning for what you love to do. You can share with the world your handmade creations blessing homes with the beauty of hand crafted goodness!

I hope you will consider. If you’re worried about the time it will take to stock up on inventory you’re not the only one. I was too until I told myself,

Little by little, do what I can when I can and it will happen!

So for me it is happening, slowly but surely. I wanted to make sure you all were aware of this opportunity. This was the big project I have been working on! Now it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is for you ;)


Thank you so much for taking a look at my sneak peek inventory. I would love to have your feedback on the items I showed as well as item ideas. It’s not a guarantee I would be able to make the item suggestions (depending on available supplies) but it would help me as I move forward with stocking my inventory. I would love to know what you all would like to see in my store! My goal is to officially open within the next few months! ♥️

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.


Thank you to @sagescrub and to all of the contributors for all the work that you do.


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Logo/Banner created by @rigaronib!


This is such a great initiative, and it's putting cryptocurrency to the use it was originally designed for - alternative trading. It's great that you're a part of it, and I love the items you're offering. That egg-collecting apron is such a unique idea! I'm not sure how it will work posting things overseas, but it's early days and I think this is something that has enormous potential :)

It truly is! It is definitely supporting the purpose of cryptocurrency! Thank you so much! It’s great to be apart of and support initiatives that care about people and our environment! As of now we plan to only ship within the US due to the high prices . I’m so glad you like the egg apron. These are highly requested right now so I’ll be on the ball trying to make as many as possible :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!

What cool idea hat coop is and some cool items you are putting on there I have never seen an egg collecting thing like that it is such a cool idea

Thanks so much! When I saw these on the market I knew I had to make them. We have quite a few friends that homestead and could use one.

Thanks for having a look and providing feedback :D

they would have been handy when I was growing up and one of the daily jobs for us kids was to collect the eggs from our chicken coops

I love the homesteader's co-op!
You have some great ideas, and I bet you will do great on there! These things are so cute and well made! Love it!

I do too!! I’m so glad to be apart of it! Thank you so much!! I hope I can make some happy long term customers :D

I always appreciate your support and feedback! Thank you ~ ☺️

Im sure you will!! Once I get more steem built up, Ill have to get back on there and do some shopping! ♥


I'm a huge fan of this co-op, just discovered it yesterday after a steemit hiatus. The ability to share goods through cryptocurrency is an exciting concept.
Very sweet idea with the egg apron! Do you think it's feasible to make a sturdy coil basket that had egg pockets on the inside?

That’s awesome!! Yes the concept is very exciting and is rewarding for everyone involved...both buyers and sellers!

Thanks so much! Oh yes absolutely! I think that’s a grand idea! Thank you for asking because I like that suggestion :D

Wow @crosheille!!! The product sneak peaks are amazing!! I really love the egg apron ... ingenious! And the newborn bows and ties are so cute. Thanks for sharing some of your story... You are a good mom to support and raise your children. I am really glad that you are joining Homesteaders Co-op with your passion and your new products. I look forward to see more when your store is online!

Thank you so much @sagescrub! I am so glad that you like the products I have to offer so far :D

Thank you, I really appreciate that. It feels great to be able to use what I love to do to help provide for my family. Your support is greatly appreciated :)

Thank you very much!! 😊

Great to have you with us on homesteaders co-op! Good luck with your store! 🌷🌷🌷

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Thank you so much! I’m glad to be a part!!! 😊🌺

Great to have you with us on homesteaders co-op! Good luck with your store!

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The co-op is such a wonderful initiative and it will be a great outlet for your handmade items. I love being a part of the community. Best of luck on your shop crosheille

I couldn’t agree more, it is so wonderful! I think this marketplace will be a good fit for me. Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments ~ 😊🌸

You are most welcome!

Another homesteaders coop member!!! Awesome! That egg holder would be very useful.

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Oh yes! I am proud to be a member!! 😃

Thank you so much for your feedback! These aprons are highly requested right now! I better get crocheting! 😄

que idea tan maravillosa, muchas gracias por hacer cosas asi que nos ayudan a nosotras las manualistas.

¡Me alegra que estés de acuerdo! ¡Gracias por leer!

I love your idea although for me all the business things would be frightening. I will cross my fingers that you will get the shop set up and sell many beautiful things. I am curious to see your price calculation, as I often find this the hardest part (clothes are super cheap here and easily available, I find it hard to place handmade items in this market without selling under price)
With the items you want to sell: I looove the egg apron. Especially the uppermost color (no idea how its called) and the nude shade are so beautiful together and the multicoloured border pulls everything together. The idea to insert an additional cellphone pocket is superb. The other idea, to sell baby clothes is also a very good one (in my opinion) as tiny clothes are always adorable and make beautiful gifts. I can also imagine crocheted socks, as knitted socks sell very good here. So, why not make crochet socks or slippers.They are fast to make, very useful and do not need too much yarn. But I guess you are not in need of ideas :-D You already made so many post about your wonderful crochet garments and accessories. I am looking forward to hear more about the development of your shop – fascinating topic.

I definitely understand that. Part of the reason it’s taken me so long is because I had fears of selling online. What really encouraged me to move forward was this initiative and seeing all of the beauty and fun of it. This is definitely a leap of faith I’m taking and a boat load of encouragement pills lol!! 😂
Very true about your pricing concern. My husband and I are discussing things as I prepare.
It does take a lot of time and work to make these items but at the same time I want my prices to be competitive and not overpriced. Definitely a matter we have to consider.
I’m so glad you love the egg apron! These are pretty hott on the market right now so I’ll be making several of them. I look forward to playing around with more color combos.
I love your idea of crocheted socks and slippers! Thank you! I am excited to keep you all posted as things develop! What an adventure I’m heading in!!!

As always I appreciate your support and friendship!! 😘🌼

I love your idea and thank you for unveiling the Homesteaders Co-op website. From all I read what surprised me the most is that you have 5 children, wao really amazing how you do to make time, I have only one, and I see that the dedication, and care of a child demands a lot of time from the mother, I can not imagine with 5. Congratulations, I admire you.


Absolutely! 😉

😄 yes I have had to take time to learn time management in order to stay sane and functional. It helps having a loving husband who supports me and makes sure I get the time to rest as well as do the things I love. I think that every mother needs that personal time to get refreshed and empowered to take on whatever comes her way :)

Thank you so much for those sweet words ~ ☺️

CONGRATULATIONS with the @homesteaderscoop store front and page!

I love those egg aprons too! Wish I had one years ago when we were raising chickens- it would have been so handy!

Thank you so much @goldendawne! I’m very excited! Ahhh man! Yes I bet you would have loved it. We plan on raising chickens one day so I’ll have to make one for myself and my kiddos :D

All are wonderful, but the egg gathering apron is such an amazing creation! I love function and design married so creatively! 😊

Awesome thanks so much!! I plan to make quite a few ;)

I love how you put that

function and design married so creatively!

😃 Would you mind if I used that? I would say something along the lines of

function and design all in one!

Of course! 🙂

Thank you! 😉

I had a good look round the homesteaders' co-op the other day. I was after some of those rose sachets like the one you had - lovely for our drawers and wardrobes. It's a really good initiative and I'm so glad your joining it, ideal! I'd love a gardening apron toolkit, when you get to that stage, that would be just what I need. Can I make a request for flaps or a button on the pockets, especially for the phone. I put my phone (and scissors and twine) in the pocket of my apron now and as soon as I bend over (and in gardening, you are always bending over), they all fall out! Sometimes that phone has landed in the compost, although fortunately, never in a bucket of water 😂 Lots of good wishes for your endeavour, it will be wonderful!

Oh yes those sachets are so lovely!! I’m so glad I purchased one! Thank you so much! I’m so happy to to be joining in! Oh awesome because I plan to make some! What a great and helpful suggestion for a button or flap for the pockets! I appreciate you sharing your experience because I want these to be functional for everyone. I could easily add a button for someone to close the pocket to prevent that from happening. Who knows I might even experiment with the flaps too.

Thank you so much for your support, suggestions and good wishes! ♥️

I just went in a shopping spree last week on the homesteaders coop! I look forward to checking out your store. We are in the process of moving, but once we do move I plan to join the coop to sell my herbal salves. I have been selling locally and on Etsy for years, so I am excited to join the coop!!

Oh wow a shopping spree is awesome! I’m sure you made the vendors happy! 😃 Thank You! I would love for you to visit once it’s up and running! That’s so awesome that you are planing to become a vendor also! It’s great that you already have the experience of selling online!

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I look forward to hearing from you again ~ 😃😉

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

You are doing great in stocking your store, they are all wonderful items. Like you, I aim for functionality as well as beauty, it makes the art of the crafting so worthwhile.

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

Thank you so much! Your support and encouragement are so appreciated!

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This is sooooo cool @crosheille! All the items you have available are gorgeous and from the comments, the egg aprons are going to be hot commodities!! Best of blessings on your store! 💜

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Thank you so much @mrscwin for having a look and providing feedback! Yes I’m going to be focusing on getting a few aprons made lol!

I love crocheting too, but rarely make time for it now, so I'm looking forward to seeing your store with your line in.

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That’s great to know you love crocheting too! Thank you so much!

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Awesome thank you!!

Thanks @crocheille for sharing about this initiative! It sounds like a perfect place for steemians to share their creations!!!
I can't believe how many crochet items you've got already! And with five children at home, I don't know how you do it - respect!
It would be interesting to hear how you manage your time :D

All the best with your shop, I love that egg collection apron, looks fun, cool and handy :DDD

Absolutely!! I’m glad I could share about it.

😄 thank you! Sometimes I don’t know how I do it either. Well yes I do, my strength comes from the Lord...without Him I’d go insane!

Yes I’ll have to see how this all works. Not sure how often I would be able to get new items in but I’m crocheting as much as I can in my spare time. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback ~ 💗

Or you could make things 'to order', as one cannot be sure in advance which items will sell better.

Yes, the Lord gives us all the strength we need, although good organizational skills play their part too :D

Yes I’ve thought about that too! Thanks for that tip!

😄 Absolutely!

it is very new information for me. I wish you success! you do wonderful things. thank you that told us about it

Thank you so much Tala! It’s a pleasure ~

Ooo thank you for the sharing @crosheille!! Your sneak peek inventory looks absolutely gorgeous and I loveee the egg gathering apron!! What a coool apron! And to expand it to other kinds of apron is brilliant! It is so exciting to have your own ‘shop’! You will do great! I hope to join you someday. I need to figure out an inventory now :)

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Thank you so much!! I wish I could crochet even faster because it takes so long...but I’m determined! 😄

Yes I am thrilled to be taking on this new venture of having my own shop!!! It would be so great to have you join too!! 😃

Good luck with your initiative. You make quality items that I am sure people will appreciate.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and positive feedback!

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