Finishing UFOs

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We all have them: UnFinished Objects (UFOs) in our closets. With so many events canceled, now is the time to complete those projects so they can be used and enjoyed. I'd like to share just two of my UFOs today for Needlework Monday.

First, a soft camisole knit in a cotton/bamboo/lurex blend.


The top band is seed stitch. the body is plain stockinette, shaped at the waist, with side seams. I will sew pink adjustable lingerie straps to the finished camisole. If the yarn holds out, I may extend it into a short nightie.


And next, a patriotic purse in 100% cotton. The stitch is half-double crochet (double crochet if you are British) with a twisted cord for the wrist strap. I need to add a zippered lining.


I'd love to hear about what you are knitting, sewing, or crafting at home this week, too.


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The salmon colored yarn looks soft and lovely - truly a "glint of glam" ;)

I've been doing some knitting on my seashell shawl which is more a WiP than a UFO (it was never pushed deep into my yarn wardrobe) till the SockMadness starts again with round 1.

Yes... the UFO‘s... sadly most have a reason why they are unfinished and need some thinking from me to go on. But good that you found time to start on some of yours. I am looking forward to the pink camisole, I love the pastel color.

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