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RE: NeedleWorkMonday Upcycle Challenge!

I'm a big fan. Of needle work Monday, of upcycling projects, and of steemit community initiatives.
I noticed you mentioned your account is in its infancy. The movement however has proven it's longevity, which is no mean feat.
I have transferred 10 SBD as a little kick starter. Sometimes it can be hard to reward participation. I would like to see this continue. Needle work Monday definitely has proven itself, the additional challenge is a nice new step for the group. I hope the little bit of sbd can help.
Nice work. ☺


Thank you so very much for your generous donation!! It is soooo greatly appreciated! I am so glad to hear you are a fan!!

It is pretty amazing knowing we just celebrated a year of doing this and we don’t plan on stopping! Our goal is to see this initiative continue to grow as we invite more crafters onboard. Thank you for contributing to the reward pool! We will continue to do more challenges and fun activities! Every donation helps us to reward the content creators encourageing them to continue sharing ~ ❤️

WOW WOW WOW I am a fan to , I try to participate every monday @girlbeforemirror do ThAnx for the donstion its highly appreciated