I would stay in Hawaï and Watch the entries online ! 😉

Yeah, I think I would opt for Hawaii over a T-shirt transformation. However...
There's an idea!! A cheap tourist T transformation. Maybe you have one of those little sewing kits in your hotel (to put a couple of stitches if you need to comply with the stitching requirement) or just cut, rip and tie yourself a fabulous beach frock.

This one is great because it is not so fabulous, it's success is hinged on the confidence of the model. She makes that Scooby Doo work for her. A bit of shoulder, a belt and a big dose of confidence. Awesome.

This long sleeve wrap around is brilliant.
I might need to give this a go. My husband has too many T-shirts. He won't miss one or two, and won't recognize it with this fabulous technique.

Or forget about steemit, have a great trip and be sure to do a travel post with lots of pics when you get home.

I love its and its so easy...... do you know Where I can buy that Nice body to go along with this shirt idea 😂😂😂

No worries @jluvs2fly! We’ll be doing this challenge two weeks in a row. Maybe you can join in for week 2?!!!