Hello everybody,

How's your Valentine's Day? Me, I was busy making Simple Pearly Flower earring that matched my OOTD, outfit of the day. Am sharing it here.



I made it at the mall, while hubby was busy making the geotechnical report of the Two towers for Globe at the San Fernando and Mandaue project site. I brought along the cellphone clipper and clip it on the table, then, video how I made this crocheted earrings which I can use daily with many colors from my stash.

Grateful at long last, I have used the embroidery cotton thread that I bought at Daiso Japan about last year.


I used the whole 6ply floss of the embroidery thread, I like the result.

Here is the video how I made it...

This afternoon I made one for my new friend the sales girl where I bought our organic coffee, coco virgin oil for frying and natural vitamins like Spirulina.


She liked much what I made, it matched her uniform. A quick and easy project.

Also today I made my long timr want to make for myself, the denim skirt with crochet.Last week when I passed by the pre loved store they were on sale mostly the denim shorts very cheap for only 10pesos. I bought it and right away went to the tailoring shop, showed the tailor what I want. Cut the short to make it as a skirt. I showed him my sample picture. Thankful he sew the denim skirt to what I want.

When I went back to claim it, I was happy, perfect length! Then, I showed it to hubby. "Look at the skirt It really fits me," said I. Hubby's eyes became big and said, "What you will wear a mini skirt?" Lol! I showed him my project, my golly.




Granny squares one line attach to the skirt then a leafy design all the way down until half of my legs. As much as possible I want to finish this before friday, praying my health will cooperate.

Thanks for dropping by...

Grateful to @ crosheille for # needleworkmonday the day for needle enthusiast steemians meet including @muscara @marblely @shanibeer and the community.


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This is really awesome and it makes me dumbfounded... While some people where busy wining and mingling, just like me. You were working on knitting... I love your works it is really love, should we talk of the ear ring or the skirt hem.... Thumb up for you ma'am 👍👍

Thank you much @joswag

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Those earrings are really cute, I would have never thought to crochet for jewelry! What a great idea!
I love your husband thinking that's a very short mini skirt, lol. I look forward to seeing your skirt progress!

Thank you for dropping by...yeah, until I am amused with hubby's reaction...hehehe

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These crocheted earring covers are such a cute idea! I love how you can make them to coordinate with your outfits. That was so nice of you to make them for your new friend. I bet she loved how they matched her work shirt :)

I am so looking forward to seeing this skirt progress. 👀😀

Thanks much much as possible I want to finish the skirt right away hehehe

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You make so beautiful things! THe earnings are such a lovely idea especially for a Valentine’s Day outfit and the earrings you made for your friend look amazing on her.
And the skirt, wow. I am so looking forward to you finishing and Modeling it. I have seen a similar combination of denim and crochet on a jacket and found this very stylish. The skirt variation is completely new to me.

you can tell that you love crochet, I am passionate about it and I follow everyone who has my own tastes. I congratulate you for what you do and for not letting us lose our old habits, I wish the youngest people would learn this art too. greetings from Venezuela

Thank you @carolinacardoza am following what you are crocheting you make beautiful wearables too.

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