NeedleWorkMonday Upcycle Challenge!


Whoo Hoo! It’s another #NeedleWorkMonday and a good day to announce a challenge. Lately we have seen some awesome upcycle projects motivating us to transform old, unused and unwanted items into something new. No need to trash those items when you can make them into something more valuable.

Thank you to @phoenixwren for this fabulous idea. You can try one of the projects in our featured posts or create one of your own! There will be rewards and a chance to have your project included in our Monday featured posts!

If you have dust on your needles it’s time to grab them out, dust them off and try your hands in an upcycle adventure! Let’s get our creative minds flowing!


  1. Upvote and Resteem this post to help spread the word.

  2. Create an Upcycled Project using your old, unused or unwanted items. The project must involve a needle because we are doing this #NeedleWorkMonday style.

  3. Please enter #needleworkmonday as the first tag for your post!

  4. Your Project must be completed and posted by next Monday on September 24th!


• Some of your projects will be selected for our featured post. We will be looking for quality posts that share the process of their work (showing pictures of the steps you took along the way) and are at least 100 words long.

• Our communal account is still a baby and growing. For this challenge 3 participants will be randomly chosen to each receive 1 STEEM!

This is called a “challenge” and not a “contest” because everyone is on different levels with their needle crafting. We want you to know that no matter what level you are on you can do this!! All are welcome to participate as long as you use a needle! We hope this inspires you to get crafting!!


Please make sure to follow all of the Rules listed above or we will not be able to consider your post as an entry for this challenge!

We hope to see you next week with your entries!!! Have FUN!

All images in the photo are from needleworkmonday featured posts!


Our Motto: Support & Inspire


As I am not really good in upcycling objects (read: I mostly destroy the things during the upcycling process :-DDD) I want to participate and donate the 3 steem.... I just send them your @needleweorkmonday account?

👍 Yay!

Yippeee! Tq @neumannsalva!

Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Oh wow @neumannsalva! How generous of you! Are you sure you don’t want to give it a go? 😜 You just might surprise yourself!!

Yes, you can just send the 3 STEEM to this account @needleworkmonday! Thank you so much for your support!!! 😘❤️

@neumansalva great idea to sponsor I am doing the Same for week two!

Great idea! Looking forward to seeing the results!

Hooray, I love this! :D I am so not going to be done with my current upcycling project in time ...barring an insomnia-fueled manic focus, perhaps, lol - but I'm so excited to see all the projects!!

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We could ask if There is a possibility to do this two weeks in a row that Will give us more time

Absolutely!! 2 weeks it is!! 😉

Right on, I will try for it!

Awesome!! 👍🏽

Yes no worries @phoenixwren! Maybe you’ll be ready by the second week?!!!

Cool idea @needleworkmonday! :) So fun!! Am sure there will be more cool ideas popping up :)


Oh yes absolutely!! I am loving all of these Upcycle ideas!!

Great idea. I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate or not since I’m in Hawaii right now, but I love the idea.

I would stay in Hawaï and Watch the entries online ! 😉

Yeah, I think I would opt for Hawaii over a T-shirt transformation. However...
There's an idea!! A cheap tourist T transformation. Maybe you have one of those little sewing kits in your hotel (to put a couple of stitches if you need to comply with the stitching requirement) or just cut, rip and tie yourself a fabulous beach frock.

This one is great because it is not so fabulous, it's success is hinged on the confidence of the model. She makes that Scooby Doo work for her. A bit of shoulder, a belt and a big dose of confidence. Awesome.

This long sleeve wrap around is brilliant.
I might need to give this a go. My husband has too many T-shirts. He won't miss one or two, and won't recognize it with this fabulous technique.

Or forget about steemit, have a great trip and be sure to do a travel post with lots of pics when you get home.

I love its and its so easy...... do you know Where I can buy that Nice body to go along with this shirt idea 😂😂😂

No worries @jluvs2fly! We’ll be doing this challenge two weeks in a row. Maybe you can join in for week 2?!!!

I'm a big fan. Of needle work Monday, of upcycling projects, and of steemit community initiatives.
I noticed you mentioned your account is in its infancy. The movement however has proven it's longevity, which is no mean feat.
I have transferred 10 SBD as a little kick starter. Sometimes it can be hard to reward participation. I would like to see this continue. Needle work Monday definitely has proven itself, the additional challenge is a nice new step for the group. I hope the little bit of sbd can help.
Nice work. ☺

Thank you so very much for your generous donation!! It is soooo greatly appreciated! I am so glad to hear you are a fan!!

It is pretty amazing knowing we just celebrated a year of doing this and we don’t plan on stopping! Our goal is to see this initiative continue to grow as we invite more crafters onboard. Thank you for contributing to the reward pool! We will continue to do more challenges and fun activities! Every donation helps us to reward the content creators encourageing them to continue sharing ~ ❤️

WOW WOW WOW I am a fan to , I try to participate every monday @girlbeforemirror do ThAnx for the donstion its highly appreciated

Yeah! Interesting challenge! Thanks needleworkmonday for this, am still thinking what I will up cycle...hmm...

Absolutely! I hope you find something!! It’ll be Fun!! 😃

Dear girls, I missed this post Thanks for reminding me off this awsom post. I am always upcycling in My monday featured blogs in the #needleworkmonday so I am in. I saw My friend @neumannsalva donating 3 Steem for next weeks prizes, I am donating 3 Steem for week 2 how about that. Just mention the sponsors 😉😉
I love the needlework community so I am off picking a New project 💃
The motto is always support and inspire

Thank you so much!! This is very kind and supportive of you and it is greatly appreciated! We will run the contest 2 weeks in a row randomly picking 3 participants to win each week! 😃🤩🤗

It will definitely be announced that the rewards were sponsored by you and @neumannsalva! 👍🏽😉

Thank you my dear! Looking forward to seeing the entries~

I Will transfer 3 Steem now 😉

I Made the transfer

Thank you!!!! 🤗

Looking forward to all the creative projects! :D

Thanks for the support! I’m looking forward too!!