Needlework Monday: Cat Mats!

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It's still Monday here, so right under the wire, here's what I've been crafting lately. :) Cat mats! The above photo is Yuan's that I made him after Yule and currently lives on Fort Toebean (the kitty box fort I made). But this week...


I finished another one to go to my friend's cat (shh, it's a surprise!). I really like the blues in this combination.

Hahaha, I just realized how dark most of these photos are, sorry. I had lights on and even a flash. The first one is better because it's near my Happy Light. I promise there are blues in this one. LOL


And this one is Maggie's that I made her for Yule. She previously liked an orange and green one so those are the main colors in hers. It lives next to my bed and she often sleeps on it. :)

Cat mats are a simple project but always loved on by kitties. And you get to have fun with colors and get the satisfaction of a completed project fairly quickly! :)

Thanks for reading and happy needlework Monday! :)


Nice needlework! Lucky kitties ❤

Thanks! :) They're the best kitties.

Your cats have an excellent knitting career :-) And the cat cuddle blankets are a wonderful idea. But with the color combination I really had to smile as I could not see any color on the second photo :-DDD

The perils of trying to post at night in my apartment. I have enough light for my eyeballs but not enough for a camera. XD
Behold color!

Wow, this is amazing. The blue hues are really beautiful. I always love how different colors blend into one another with garter stitch and I still want to make a garment with this dip dye optic.


I've been wanting to make a cat basket with t-shirt yarn - there are so many pictures on the net of such cute and simple baskets, like the one below:


Oooh that's such a good idea! I bet Maggie would like one; she's a nester. I'll have to look up patterns, thanks for the inspiration! :D

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