My heart is so full 😍

"I'm wearing my baby so she can go see the animals. Can you tie her on please Mummy?"

I love that I have become her little role model, it made my heart so happy. Last week when we were on vacation I had worn her baby brother in the Tula for hikes, to the zoo and the conservation center and it clearly inspired M to add babywearing into her role play.

So after she went to bed, I looked up a pattern online and made M her very own ringsling so she can #wearallthebabies (and I dont have to tie blankets all day!)

First I chose 2 contrasting materials, cut them to be 44"x14" and laid them together. The patterns I saw online used the same material both sides, but I wanted to jazz it up a little!

I began to hem the sides to finish the edges nicely. I started with one of the short sides. I folded it under about 0.5" then 0.5" again, pinned and then sewed it.

Then I did the 2 long sides. In this photo it is folded accordian style so you can see it all.

I used my water washable fabric marker to make a line 3" from the end. We have a box of bangles (for counting and dress up etc) so I found 2 the same to be the rings. They were about 2.5" in diameter which seems to be perfect.

I threaded the unhemmed short edge of my material through the rings. Then I folded it over 0.5" and began to carefully sew it together. I think choosing a striped material really helped me out here, as I could follow my lines and hide my pen line. If not I would have washed my pen line off after.

Then I sewed a second line around the ring to reinforce it slightly.

When M woke up she was super excited, which made me so happy. She even wanted to wear her baby when we went to Chuck E Cheese today, though baby was not always in a TICKS approved position!!

Please note this pattern is for a doll ringsling, and while I am sure it would be a similar method for a real baby, there are added safety precautions and reinforcementa that would need to be in place and you would need proper ringsling rings to take the weight safely. Feel free to use this pattern or adapt it to make your kids a ringsling for their dolls and teddies though😀


That is a brilliant idea... and so sweet too @thriftymum... Thanks so much for sharing... I did think of making something like that when we had a young puppy dog... but she's too lively !

To carry the puppy in? That would be so sweet.

Oh yes @thriftymum ... but our puppy was a bit too boisterous :D

Your child must be so happy. I love the copying thatsThe kids do.

She was so excited! Kids really are like little sponges, I find it so cute when I see little phrases or behaviours they imitate.

This is so wonderful, as she is learning and preparing for what to do in the future! You are a great model!

Aww thank you, that is so sweet.

This is heartwarming!! 🤗 A Mother’s dream to see her children inspired by her actions. Job well done Mama! This doll sling is so cute and such a great idea. Thank you for sharing the process with us. I also love that you put a Disclaimer at the end! 😉

I appreciate this idea because my daughter has been watching me carry her sister. She took part of my wrap (an outer part that was included for extra support) and made it into a little one for her doll. I didn’t think about making one for her... mine would be crocheted because I’m more comfortable with that method.

I think a crocheted one would be so pretty. There were a few posts this week on #needleworkmonday with beautiful stitches.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support @crosheille.

I think it would be pretty too! 😊

Absolutely!! It’s my pleasure ~

Awww.. so sweet @thriftymum, thanks for sharing the story. Your daughter is so cute. She is going to be a loving and caring person for sure, just like her mummy :)

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