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Today is #needleworkmonday and I wanted to share my favourite crochet project so far, the Pinkie Pie Pony hat that I made for my little girl.

This week has been kinda crazy and I haven't had a chance to start a new project, so it will be fun to throwback and still join in, also @foxyspirit and @anjkara are having an ultimate crochet competition and you guys are the most talented and inspiring crocheters I know. So maybe some of you would like to enter alongside me?

I am very proud of the way it turned out. This was my second real crochet project, and was a real test of my perseverance. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to figure out how to do different stitches and for inspiration, but once I got going I was really pleased with how I was keeping tension and recalling the pattern.

Needless to say, M LOVED it!

I loved that the pattern and each stage are simple, but you layer the details to give the overall effect. I started with a basic hat.

Then I crocheted the curlies for the hair...

...which are cute alone, but when you sew them into position they are awesome!

Then I made the face and ears and sewed the whole thing together.

I am very proud of how it turned out, especially as a beginner. It was relaxing to sit and spend time crocheting and so satisfying to watch the project come together. The real win though, was when I gifted it to my little girl. She was ecstatic.

Good luck everyone who enters :)


Oh my goodness - I’d be ecstatic too! That hat is so fun. Good luck in the contest! 💜

Thank you @mrscwin 💗 you could totally enter too. Your tiny bunnies were so cute and the blanket you made for your sister in law (maybe) was beautiful. I have your little Easter bunnies on my one day project list, M loves bunnies!

Cool - I’ll decide and get a post ready! Yes, the bunnies work up so quickly that you will be shocked how many you could do. Look up the “Bountiful Bunnies” pattern and see the different options they give.

I don't need a million would drive me crazy forever finding them around the house! Just 2 or 3 will be enough! I will look it up now, I loved that there were different ear length options etc to customize them!

The project is adorable. And also very tender. Thank you for sharing this tenderness. Regards

💗 thank you for your kind words

Ha, cute curls! No wonder M totally loves it 😊

We definitely are a curly hair family!

What a cute hat! Love those curly pink locks. 😀

Thank you 💗 it was a fairly simple repeating pattern of 2hdc and 3hdc in a repeating pattern to make the cute twists.

Aw @thriftymum! This is ADORABLE. What a great effect. Thanks :D


Thank you 💗

Oh, I can just imagine how excited she was :) The curlies for the hair are awesome!!

I love the way they turned out, they were surprisingly not too complicated.

Those curlies would have made me quit before I even started. Good job Mama!

They look daunting but they were surprisingly easy to master. 😀 I love the way they turned out.

Wow, that is fabulous~!!
I have a pony lover would would LOVE that!
Maybe she should learn to crochet, haha!

How old is she? You could teach her because it is mostly all the hdc stitch 💗

She is 10, so she could learn if she wanted to. I actually have taught her the basic straight, single stitch before, but she has a surprisingly short attention span, and didn't stick with it. Ill have to show her this and see if she gets inspired. ;)

Aw that's awesome, beautiful and cute! Thank you for being a part of the contest! A great entry indeed!

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