Minnie Mouse to Crochet Hat

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Source Photo taken by the author @xeliram in a cell phone

Greetings to all communities, welcome back to my blog. In this post I will introduce you step by step a baby hat of approximately 2 months, of minnie mouse, made in crochet. For the same use crochet thread black, red and white, knitting needle 3 mm, scissors and needle wool.

Start with the black thread to make the cap, performing the following steps:

  • V-1. Magic ring, 2 chains and 11 high points, closing with sliding point
  • V-2 weave 2 chains and a high stitch in the same hole, make 1 increase in each stitch until you finish the turn with 24 stitches, close with a sliding stitch.
  • V-3 knit 2 chains, 1 increase in the next stitch, 1 high stitch, 1 increase until finishing the turn, close with sliding stitch.

  • V-4 knit 2 chains, 1 high point, 1 increase, 2 high points, 1 increase to finish, close with a sliding stitch.
  • V-5 knit 2 chains, 2 high stitches, 1 increase, 3 high stitches, increase until the end of the turn and close with a sliding stitch.

Perform the same procedure up to a diameter of approximately 35 cm. Then perform 4 with a high point in each point and change the red color with 6 or 9 turns depending on the length you want with 1 high point in each turn and one last turn with half a low point.

parte de atras.jpg
Source Photo taken by the author @xeliram in a cell phone


For the elaboration of the ears, carry out two:

  • V-1 Magic ring with 12 low points and close with sliding point.
  • V-2 knit 1 chainchain and 1 low stitch in the same hole of the chainchain, increase each stitch and close with a sliding stitch.
Source Photo taken by the author @xeliram in a cell phone

  • V-3 1 chain, 1 increase, 1 low point, 1 increase, 1 low point repeat until you reach point 17, i.e. you have 7 points left to finish.
  • V-4 knit 1 chain and turn, 1 low point, 1 raise, 2 low points, 1 raise to where the previous turn started.
  • V-5, 6 1 chainsaw turn and make 1 high stitch for each stitch.
  • Close with a turn of low points.


  • Weave 20 chains, in the second point weave 1 low point, weave 1 low point for each stitch turn in each turn, make 6 to 10 turns, and take in each turn only the back loop so that it is in relief.
    For the white wheels, make it in a spiral:
  • Turn 1. 6 low points in a magic ring. (6 points).
  • Turn 2. 1 increase for each point (12)
  • Lap 3. 1 low, 1 increase (18)

Source Photo taken by the author @xeliram in a cell phone

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Note: The photos were taken by the author @xeliram

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I am Marilex Porteles, Mathematics teacher, researcher, dreamer, I like weaving, swimming and I am the mother of a beautiful girl.

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