Chinese eSports Tournament Group seeks to add Cryptocurrency to their Prize Pools

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FUJIAN, CHINA — China-based Fujian eGaming Tournament Group seeks to take advantage of the massively played mobile game: King of Glory (王者荣耀), by allowing amateur teams to take center-stage at provincial and city tournaments. King of Glory is currently the most played game in the world, with over 50 million active daily players and over 200 million active monthly players. King of Glory has an unprecedented lead over all eSporting games globally

King of Glory

Fujian eGaming will be opening 5 additional eSports arenas across China to accommodate the exponential growth of China’s eSport market. Alongside these new arenas, Fujian eGaming will also incorporate China’s first reward system combining both RMB (China’s currency) and Cryptocurrency.

(Left) Fujian eGaming Tournament Group’s Fuzhou Arena — (Right) Amateur teams go head to head against each other in King of Glory at Fujian eGaming’s Jiangsu Arena.

Fujian eGaming spokeswoman Cheng said:

“The majority of our players and audiences are under the age of 30, they are both very interested in gaming and Cryptocurrency, with many preferring to have Cryptocurrency instead of RMB. So it was only natural for us to add Cryptocurrency as a reward for tournament winners, we think this will help us establish ourselves uniquely in the Chinese market.”

The partnership between Fujian eGaming Tournament Group and Asura World LLC will include an investment valued at 5 million RMB. Asura World will hold ASA Tokens that will directly fund the Prize Pools of tournaments organised by Fujian eGaming, outside of the investment, Fujian eGaming will also receive 3 years of exclusive hosting and branding rights for the Tournament platform within Asura World as well as a spotlight on all their Tournament news.

“Partnering with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group will allow Asura an unprecedented exposure to the mass population of Chinese mobile gamers. We are proud to have Fujian eGaming on board with us, and are excited for the future of eSports in China!”
Peter Shen, CEO of Asura World LLC.

(Above) Concepts for a further 5 arena developments.

CEO’s footnotes:

What does this partnership mean for Asura World/Coin?

  • Exploration, this will allow other eSport markets in China to see an example of Asura Coins being used in a physical environment.

  • Adoption, players and the audiences of Fujian eGaming’s Tournaments will be exposed to Asura World/Coin and its utilities for Tournaments.

  • Brand Value, by being tied to Tournaments, this will directly drive the value of the Asura Brand up as a recognized brand associated with known games.

  • All in all, I can only foresee benefits from partnering with Fujian eGaming, and may this be the first step towards a more adopting future of eSports + Cryptocurrency.

Lower deck seating for Tournament Audience. (Fuzhou Arena)

Asura Coin is currently running a public ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and are raising a minimum of $2.5M and a maximum of $12M. To learn more about the Asura World platform and current Crowd Sale status please visit:



Chinese is a really big community, glad they are involved too!
By the way awesome news, obviously with an awesome project!

Asura has a great potential with eSports growing exponentially in China. In my perspective, with proper planning and execution, Asura could also hold one such massive eGaming tournament, this would also be a good chance to utilize the Asura Token as well. What do you guys think?

Who would not say anything but e-sports was and will exist. And improve every year, so I like many joined the promising project Asura

Excellent news, China is very important market that many western gaming companies have done a poor job of accessing. Great to see this partnership.

This is quite huge for both Asura and FUJIAN. This partnership will sure revitalize the Chinese eSports ecosystem. I personally hope other traditional eSports firms can realize the importance of blockchain and then incorporate it into their business model. Kudos Asura.

Projects such as this have great growth prospects. I am sure that these projects will bring a lot of benefit to their customers. I implore all to grab this opportunity as an early investor in the ICO.

Wow, the team really worked hard in developing Asura Coin. They try to enter the Chinese market which is one of the most important markets. Congratulations to the team for their hard work.

This is great news. I believe Asura coin is gonna be a success.

Cryptocurrencies will go mainstream soon, and asura will be right solution at the right time.

Connecting gaming indusrty and blockchain technology will gives so many advantages to both competitors and organizers as well as audience. cryptocurrency will involve with so many fields , this is example for that.

Thats true. Gaming industry is booming and together with blockchain, Asura will make a huge impact in the field.

It's a great news for us. E-Sport industry is going to introduce cryptocurrency as their prize pool for competitors.

If China is accepting something, then it will become huge with all possibilities. Asura is definitely going in right direction.

Asura - well done! It's a good idea to develop your company in cooperation with Chinese partners. The Chinese market is large and very prospective.

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This will be great publicity for Asura.. Asura an unprecedented exposure to the mass population of Chinese mobile gamers yeah that right.. Getting paid in cryptocurrency (ASA) will sure be great work Game players then the RMB. Looking forward to the day Asura will go live.

The Asura team works for the future. They promote the brand among the Chinese audience. And It's very important. The brand will be associated with famous games, and this will attract additional customers among the players.

The future for blockchain technology and ambitious ideas! Very much attracted someone else's attention! I will watch this project to finish!!! I have been investing in ICO for a long time, and quite successfully, No wonder it's a good project .Thanks for the team support.

This is really awesome project with great innovation, Asura is really taking blockchain technology to new highs. Gaming and cryptocurrency all in one can only be made possible by ASURA. congrats on the new partnership, more partnerships to come.

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Asura Coin is growing very fast. These events are very important for Asura Coin. In this regard, the Asura platform will be more familiar and stronger.

China has a verey large countdy with lost of influence and Asura team has done a great job by getting their audience

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Awesome news! Chinese eSports market is huge and have a lot of growing potential.
If they adopt Asuracoin to their prize pool is great for visibility.

wow, a real program seems to have taken place. There's also a good prize pool. This is a good idea about the asura project.

The partnership of AsuraWorld with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group is great news and shows seriousness in the project.

This will be a great exposure for the Asura project because China has one of the biggest gaming communities in the world. So this partnership can be very productive for the future of this project.

The partnership between Fujian eGaming Tournament Group and Asura World LLC is an investment growth and an excellent opportunity to popularize the Asura Coin project in society!

Partnership with Fujian eGaming is a great opportunity for Asura project. King of Glory game has good player base. So partnering with them will give a huge attraction to Asura Project.

Cryptocurrencies are future of global economy. And their impact will be only greater in future.

A great news indeed for Asuracoin as well whole crypto world indeed. Very excited about the partnership too. The partners looks very strong. Happy to see some real uses of ASA tokens.

Great news, it will help to cryptocurrency holders. Now, onwards they can play games using cryptocurrency. Next level generation coming soon. Good Luck.

Great news. China is a big market for Asura. I believe you will be a head actor.

Peter Shen seems like a guy who is really passionte about this project. Its good to see that in the CEO and it bodes well for the project on the future. best of luck to the team!

That's incredible! With all of the hype at E3, I'm glad Asura Coin will be adopted globally. As we all know, without adoption of an ICO's project, the coin will die out in 2018. Adoption is what will allow a coin to survive and thrive. Asura Coin is one step ahead of all the other gaming coins and projects!

e-sports matches began in Turkey. I am looking forward to your tournaments. ICO sales are going very well. The team is working hard. That's why success will come.

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Asura World team get fierily searched the competitory play stands currently available, and unearthed that all things is unconnected each above the net

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The NEO Blockchain based project have always been community engaging. That is one of their outstanding attributes and one in which Asura coin is part of and doing the best for its community too. This will earn the project more willing minds and will give the project its required public awareness.

Future of the e-Sport industry. I highly believe in this project because of the team and the unique concept. I think this will be a revolution in the e-Sport industry. All the best team. #asuracoin

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wow that's great news. Cryptocurrency getting more popularity. We need more people begin to use Cryptocurrency )

The popularity of eSports is growing every year, setting new record values, So Asura is the best option for the eSport s.This partnerships are very good to promote the esports with the blockchain.

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China is emerging as the world hub for eSports and it is very exciting to see that Asura World is capitalizing on that! The partnership that Asura World will have with Fujian eGaming Tournament Group will become vital to promote and spread eSports throughout China .

The asura was already reached the soft cap and the ICO is close to hard cap day by day. This eSports platform is really helping gamers. I believe the asura platform has a good future.

This is the first step of getting into mainstream. China esports revenue is expected to grow $77m in 2017 t0 $182m in 2021. That is more than double! With the presence of an esports platform like Asura, I think the industry will generate more revenue because Asura will definitely attract more people into the gaming insdustry.

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Great partnership starting from China. This will definitely drive brand awareness @asuracoin. A great way to start the ball rolling.

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