New addition of advisors to the Asura team

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We are happy to announce the addition of two ICOBench top 15 trusted advisors who will bring in a wealth of knowledge and trust to the Asura Coin project.

Joakim Holmer

When Joakim completed the delivery of a 500 team member strong project, he gave a T-shirt to each of the 500 team members that said: “Everything is Possible”. This is Joakim. That project was the major delivery to AT&T in California and THE BIG ONE for Ericsson Group (NASDAQ: ERIC) that year, delivered on time, which everyone stated was impossible. Joakim Holmer joined the Ericsson Group right after school and it was his passion for communication and travel that made Ericsson an easy choice. The initial years as mobile comms software engineer were followed by 15 years in various technical leadership positions around the world. Later Joakim has also worked with Software System Sales. With hunger to develop that included everything from Mobile App start-ups to RedHat, SAP and Cisco.

Anders Larsson

Anders has worked for two decades to create the emerging technologies of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IOT in 10 different countries for Ericsson Group (NASDAQ: ERIC) and today the 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions exceed the world population. He has held various CTO roles and the role of Vice President for Mobile Broadband in Southeast Asia & Oceania with billions of dollars yearly sales responsibility. Anders is now dedicated to taking Crypto to same scale as telecom. At allcoinWiki, he has built the crypto master database and as ICO Advisor, Anders has been voted to Top 10 Blockchain Advisor in the world.


As i can see, AsuraCoin has some nice partnership and advisors, and this is a really good thing, also for us, investors! I really like this project, keep doing the great job please! ;)

Great to see advisors team growing!
And with valuable names... Two people with great insides into crypto world.

The Asura project has several advantages. First, the project has a very popular project idea, if you do not already know about this project, read the white paper. Secondly, there is a strong and experienced team.

The team has been doing a wonderful job, and they haven't stopped trying to go above giant shoulders, this new addition and their wealth of experience will make a huge impact towards the success of this project and it's wonderful theme on the NEO blockchain.

Asura has good ratings in every crypto related sites. Investment in Asura project - the nice idea. In the near future, you are waiting for good dividends. I will watch this project to finish and recommend invest in Asura to all who want to make the life more successful.

To solve all your problems, I advise you to invest in ICO and multiply your capital three times! This is your chance, do not miss this opportunity!

Good Adviser are most important in this field,and Asura team has many of them. Hope this new both members make this project & coin success.

OMG you people get an advisor having top 15 rank on ICO bench, this is superb. Good advisors can change the game very well, they know how to play in this blockchain industry.

Upvoted!! thanks
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With this new addition to the team, Asura team looks very powerful. Definitely in the direction of success.

This is a superb project.keepi touch all the investers.This the best project i have ever seen.Do not worry to invest your money for this project.those sre the best team. Do not get any doubt..

Anders Larsson and Joakim Holmer both are well professional and active persons in the industry. joined them to the project is a huge achievement.

Super news! Look forward to! This project includes a number of best things: great team, great product, great idea, great start! We need products and ideas! I'm sure the company will occupy a leading place in this world!

They are 2 big advisors for a big project like Asura is: icobench is a trusted platform for crypto lovers. You deserve it: congrats !

This man is real legend at blockchain world! If you have advisor like Anders - you a fully trust from community! My congrats, Asura team!

It is very exciting to know that Mr. Holmer and Mr. Larsson will be joining Asura Coin project as advisors. Their years of experience managing people and launching startups, venture capital , etc would be invaluable for the growth of Asura Coin project! Exciting times are ahead of Asura project and the global eSports community.

Welcome on board , with this project looks very very tasty and i know it will have success! Following you!

Thanks for another wonderful update. The AsuraCoin project getting better. The addition of two new advisors is welcome news for early investors, still waiting for the official opening of the token sales in 7 days.

Your team going to be amazing. Specially Joakim has great capabilities. Before the presale I'm totally sure to invest which ico... Asura will going to the moon!

“Everything is Possible”

with this growing community and the great idea Asura will be very popular in crypto and game world. Also good opportunity for investors.

Another awesome addition to the team. Looks like things are shaping up nicely for asura coin. Great advisors bring great quality and help make an already amazing project even better

This is looking very promising. It helps having an important advisor and adds more credibility to the ICO. Now I just need to make it onto the whitelist.

Great technical adviser for the Asura coin.This will be huge benefit to the Asura coin team.We are very exited to hear the the good advisory for Asura coin.

Another addition of strong professionals to the great Asura Team. Both have very good reputations and experience in the cryptocurrency sector. Having Joakim and Anders join Asura Coin as advisors is definately a big plus to an already strong project

Great News for Asura coin followers, it's very pleasure to hear that the addition of two of the industry's most trusted advisors joined with Asura project. Both of them are well experienced in this field. I can recommend this project to my friend.

Great idea, strong team, great hopes and confidence in this project

the team of professionals of replenishment, congrats, i love the games and really looking forward to when your platform will work at 100%

To become a project successful, there should be good design and solid fundamentals. And also it is mandatory to have competent project team. All those requirements are consists with this remarkable project.

welcome to our community Joakim & Anders , Top 15 advisor on icobench so it seems our team stronger now

A very good cv. It's really one of the best names to join the team. And we see an asura coin that gets even stronger. I guess new news is that no one has heard of it. And very nice developments are waiting for us.

Two great advisors on board a great project. The result will definately be extraordinary
Well on board Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson. I know your contribution to this project will lead it to its potential since you have much experience in the world of crypto

The highly innovative concept would make the project succeed , of course, with the effort of project leaders to promote it to clients/investors - the people.

Love how the team is shaping up. Joakim and Anders are stellar additions to the team with massive potential and a world of knowledge to offer.

Initially, I was always seeing younger faces in the Asura coin Team, I never doubt their wealth of experience because Asura coin is an eSport Project and having young talents on board bids well for the theme of the project. The new additions are some of the best in the Crypto community and hoping they will continue to build the good image Asura coin and it's wonderful team and community represents.

This is definitely a good news, looking forward to take a part in Asura Coin ICO, lets make it big! ;)

This project is very interesting. According to my point of view this will become very successful project. Few days to finish the project so hurry to invest here.

Joakim and Anders are very respected men in ICO subject.
IcoBench's high rating provides great perspectives to any project.

Good to see healthy and steady growth here. As campaign will keep on developing, more people will join for sure. #NEO is the great fundamental platform to build an ICO. #asuracoin

To become a project successful, there should be good design and solid fundamentals. And also it is mandatory to have competent project team. All those requirements are consists with this remarkable project.

The Asura coin team is already very professional. As a consultant, Holmer and Larsson came together to make them even stronger.

Good feature, and it focuses #AsuraCoin's best side. #AsuraCoin extraordinary project which makes faster and successful industry.
please join us:

The future for blockchain technology and ambitious ideas! Very much attracted someone else's attention! I will watch this project to finish!!! I have been investing in #ICO for a long time, and quite successfully, and now I really want to recommend you to join to this amazing project.No wonder it's a good project .Thanks for the team support.

Another Asura team that I want to congratulate.Christopher Obereder the good Growth advisor.We are all very happy that you are doing well, keep it up!. Thank you #Asura

great news for those who interesting on this amazing project. Already project has great potential to be very success. Team is working hard for increasing the potential to more. This is really amazing opportunity for investors those who are waiting for predictable project

Wow guys !) you are having great advisers... and btw welcome to the family guys )

This project includes a number of best things: an excellent team, an excellent product, great community and a great start! am sure that the Asura will take the leading place in E-sports industry.

Asura coin is listed in icodrops. I think this is a very nice development. The team gets stronger every day. The project has become very popular. It is a really good idea to invest in Asura Coin.

Yes seems Asura World has interested concept and especially it is NEO base. I hope to invest because this is one of high rating ico in icobench ( 4.6 ) and this will confirm when joining trusted advisors like Joakim Holmer.

Yes seems Asura World has interested concept and especially it is NEO base. I hope to invest because this is one of high rating ico in icobench ( 4.6 ) and this will confirm when joining trusted advisors like Joakim Holmer.

Excellent, contribution of experts to the Asura project can change the game of success. All the best to your team. Keep up the good work devs !

Welcome to Asura Team Sir Anders Larsson! Hoping for additional prosperity of this great project. Good luck and have a fruitful journey with Asura.

It would be a very good step forward to further advancement of asuracoin

That's a good addition to the team, making Asura Coin even more promising as an investment possibility. IMO one of the strongest projects on the ICO market right now.

I, as a person interested in buying your tokens, are very happy to see this replenishment. Good game, Asura

I, as a person interested in buying your tokens, are very happy to see this replenishment. Good game, Asura

Wow this gang is growing day by day, Now I think ASURA has a best team and advisors to lead this need to keep any doubtable thing about the project ASURA

New successful project have already started, a great reason to invest

I think nice advisors will make good promotion for the project.

Great addition to the team! Christopher with his rich experience in various fields will be indispensable for your project and will help it to achieve success in the shortest possible time.

You can tell the quality of a project by the people it attracts. Having Joakim and Anders join Asura Coin as advisors is definately a big plus for the project.

The value and significance of any project are determined by people who create and develop this project. Competent experts who have in-depth knowledge of the project will be able to evaluate this project objectively.

and the higher the value of a project, the more investors will put their money on it. one good thing leads to another good one. and all these leads to success.

Asura World is one of the most promising self sustainable eSports platforms in the world! It provides tamper-proof, fast, cost-effective transactions for its community via the NEO blockchain. Furthermore, it has key features like community match-making, community voted betting rules, live streams, knowledge sharing between community members. All these will undoubtedly make Asura World and Asura Coin one of the most well-known crypto related projects in 2018!

Guys, You have only seven day to commence the Asura crowdsale campaign. Hope you all are ready for that. good luck for all the Asura community and this is the good opportunity to get bonus coins within day 1 of the crowdsale campaign

#asuracoin is one of interesting project with an important and unique idea. this is a great opportunity to join and win with #asuracoin. hurry up and get white listed to get more benefits

From the beginning of the project I am with Asura Coin. With the NEO platform the trust is high. So this event will be a big moment.

I learned about the Asura Coin project quite recently and immediately fell in love with it. It is unfortunate that I join this project so late, but, nevertheless, I'm glad that I managed to register on the White List!

If you are looking for a excellent project to invest so , I suggest this project because I see a good potential on it. This project is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map.

Wow. Great news guys. Two news ICO expert are joined with AsuraCoin as advisors. This partnership will have a huge impact on this project. keep doing the good work guys. Don't forget the Crowd sale dates. It will begin on 2nd of June.

Asura Project has a very strong team and advisors. Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson are two experienced and well known experts. This development is very important.

it's time for hot news about new partnerships and unbeaten project advisers. one summary of Anders what is worth, this person has much to offer

Its so great that talented people like Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson joining the Asura Coin project. They will lead Asura project to success with their wide experiences in this crypto field. Great collaboration for Asura Team Good luck!

it is nice to see more experienced individuals joins to this project it is great for the accomplish the goal of this token.Sally is one of the respected individual in this filed so I guess this is wonderful thing happen to this project

I have seen ICOs but your team is really remarkable
Thanks to the team for creating a great platform for the community.#Asura

The research team is very dedicated, I feel comfortable investing in a project with such a professional team. It's new innovation that can make your project have the biggest loyal
Good LUCK!!

It is very much pleasure to have this kind of consistent project among lot of other poor and scam projects. And also glade to be a partner of this. Very demanding project which provides huge return. #AsuraCoin

This is an excellent project with excellent opportunities. With interest and impatience, I'm waiting for the final version of the product. This project is so promising even this downtrend market.

Two legends with asura coin. we can see very bright future for the asura coin. I'm sure all of the investors will very happy to see this. these experienced advisors join with Asuracoin because of they already saw the potential of the project.

AsuraCoin is an outstanding project and with good working team and new advisors. I think this is come out big and this is gonna be one of the best project ever.

To become a project successful, there should be good design and solid fundamentals. And also it is mandatory to have competent project team. All those requirements are consists with this remarkable project.

Project with good advisory team is one of the key factor which decide the target achievement as well as quality of the project. Asura project will become more successful project in near future. Congratulation Asura project and the team including new advisors

Few more hours begins the ICO, one of the best project for this month. Don't miss this opportunity. Let's join now: Asura Coin #asuracoin 20% bonus on the first day. I'm pretty sure project will reach hard cap easily.

the team getting stronger day by day. Also thanks for updates.

Great technical adviser for the Asura coin.This will be huge benefit to the Asura coin team.We are very exited to hear the the good advisory for Asura coin.

I also join everyone in welcoming Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson to the wonderful Asura Coin team. Their excellence and knowledge will take this project to next level and it is going to be very successful one.

I would pay attention to certain criteria when choosing a project. One of these is the consultant team. The names in the team and the CVs of these names are important to me. AsuraCoin's consultant team is really impressive. With AsuraCoin, Joakim Holmer and Anders Larsson, he has an even stronger team. AsuraCoin will summit in the gaming industry. I believe it.

Good job. Your team is growing stronger day by day. I m sure these two advisors can make Asura project better in a lot of ways. Good luck for your tokensale

When I learned about this company, I immediately decided to cooperate with it, because I see a great pantyline, all who want to be confident in the future, immediately offered to join us.Good luck to all and a big increase!!!

Asuracoin team is very cool

This clearly indicates potential this project possesses . I'm fascinated with the recent developments in this project. This surely going to achieve lot of milestones in the future.

eSports is a thing now everyday people will learn and enjoy eSports, because Dota 2 and other games is getting bigger this will attract many people and join the community this is the future of sports and we will see a huge Audiences in the future

This project looks promising. Team looks solid, product has good potential.

Asura coin has built a very strong team of adviosor this will help the project to sacle up the project at very fast pace. Good Luck team

When such experienced people come to the team, they immediately add confidence to both developers and investors. This is good news for everyone. I wish you all a good team work.

It's so much pleasure to watch asura team getting bigger and better every day. The team is growing and getting stronger with experienced members. Nothing can be compared with the team and with the project now. Asura has a bright future. Good luck and welcome to the team guys

Hurry up to become a member of a promising project! The perspective idea, experience and creative approach of the team guarantee success in these industries! #asuracoin

Getting mass adoption of @asuracoin would be easier if the the platform is on mobile phones, since having access to a computer may not be within grasp of people in less developed countries.

With both esteemed advisors from the telecommunication field, @asuracoin is definitely moving in the right direction and will be one of the few blockchain companies to invest in for the long haul.

Existing project with well-known and experienced project team. This will create a huge impact on future crypto world.
@asuracoin #asuracoin

With this addition we ourselves become more confident that this project will be successful.

I really like this project and, I will definitely support this project. I recommend this project for investing, In the near future, this project will be very successful....

It will be a great project. Hope it will be a successful one.Great team and great concept.good luck

This is a great development to grab opportunity for such contributing on this awesome project. And also professional team. Join