2.5 million SPOT Pre-ICO closed early

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Next chance to buy: Our upcoming ICO

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Congratulations if you have purchased SPOT tokens in our Pre-ICO, at a nice 20% discount. Congratulations also because you were quick, seeing how we closed the Pre-ICO early once hundreds of people had secured SPOT and helped us reach our goal. You won’t regret it. Together, we can make digital currencies work for everyone.

If you didn’t get in in time, our ICO is not far away. Sign up on our website and join our Telegram group Spotcoin Team to be among the first to know the exact date.

Profit from the Investors Referral Progam: 10% referral fee.

If you have invested in SPOT yourself, you may also be interested in the Investors Referral program. By referring someone to the SPOT token sale through the Investor Referral Program you receive the equivalent of 10% of their investment in SPOT tokens.

How to join:

Sign up for your Referral account on the Spotcoin website
Share your personal referral code with interested potential investors
Earn up to 10% of each referred investment in SPOT.

Trouble signing up? Have Byron talk you through it

Our ICO manager shows you step by step how to sign up

Recap of the SPOT token offer:

  • 51% of the exchange fees from our future automated exchange as weekly dividends
  • 12% of Spotcoin’s net profits quarterly, from all of our business lines. That includes our sustainable mining operation, our established OTC and the future earnings of Spotpay, our flexibel payment application for e-commerce and retail.

More than just tokens

Of course, it’s not just about getting more tokens. It’s also about making digital currencies work for everyone. Simply put, Spotcoin gives access to entire groups who can’t benefit from the smart economy, yet. Everybody should be able to benefit.

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Join our Telegram community: Spotcoin Team, Spotcoin News, and Spotcoin Bounty.

Take a look at our complete ICO offering here.

Read our Whitepaper here, for more details.

Visit spotcoin.com, where we make digital currencies work for everyone.

Residents and citizens of the United States and US territories are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT Airdrop and the SPOT public sales. Residents and citizens of the following countries are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT public sales: Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, South Korea, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Serbia, Vanuatu, Yemen

However, certified accredited U.S. investors can take part in the SPOT private sale. Chinese and South Korean investors can participate in the private sale when paying with digital currencies, after signing the SAFT form and completing the KYC /AML process. Any investment in digital currencies comes at a risk. No one should invest money that he or she can not afford to lose.

Forward-looking statements are provided to allow potential investors the opportunity to understand management’s beliefs and opinions in respect of the future so that they may use such beliefs and opinions as one factor in evaluating an investment. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and financial results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or result expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

Although forward-looking statements contained in this email are based upon what management of the Company believes are reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.


Damn i missed the PRE-ICO! But i will not make the same error, i will join for sure the ICO! And also thanks for the opportunity to earn some more tokens by refferrals! Awesome project!

Wow..Amazing event finished..Good luck team, and spot coin token sale participation. In limited time they achieve the goal. ICO come soon. waiting for that.

Projects such as this have great growth prospects. I am sure that these projects will bring a lot of benefit to their customers. I implore all to grab this opportunity as an early investor in the ICO.

The team every day publishes the news of the project in reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Spotcoin/). SpotCoin is a project that will help you get a great passive income

This is a project that works along with committed team members and growing up to satisfy the customers. I have no doubt Spotcoin is the solution to the world global economy.

Sold-out :) that's a good news. I don't expect less with a project of such magnitude and intending benefits to investors and users. Let's prepare for the main sale now.

I believe on the #spotcoin project because of the team. They always lead the project in very smooth manner. The team always to hard to bring this unique idea to the real world. These results are the sign of that dedication. All the best team.

Great job Spotcoin. I knew the Pre-sale would not last long. You guys are attracting alot of new interest so I expect the public sale to be over quick as well.

You all continue to impress me and I am anxiously awaiting launch of your amazing platform.

Keep up the great work guys!!

Great achivement from spotcoin team. good luck for team and investors those who participated with pre ICO, feeling really happy about this news, Investors have more chance by getting ready to upcoming ico.

This is a good news to me best of all

Very nice opportunity given by the team in the name of pre-ICO with good bonus. If somebody did not get on-board, then its not completely missed.

The team of spotcoin is doing a great job, you deserve a lor of success. I joined pre-ico and i will join in referral account because i think that many friends wants to invest like me. Congrats

I have an interesting question. Can I participate in the referral program if I am not an investor yet?

Ooooh, it's wonderful! I'm really waiting for the sales start point to see how your project will start its journey and what results it will be able to show.

When you present the best of ideas, it doesn't need begging for acceptance. Spotcoin present the best and it was quick for people to recognize the whole lots of things this project represents. This is why the Pre-sale when on smoothly and faster than expected. The ICO sale is coming and that will be the last and final opportunity if you are not yet in.

the spotcoin is more than just tokens, they work the trying to make crypto work for everybody .Of course, it’s not just about getting more tokens. It’s also about making digital currencies work for everyone.

Twas really smooth and transparent token pre-sale. The team had built strong confidence within its community and I am not surprised tokens sold out fast. This is an exciting project where these coins sold now do have value for returns. If you missed the presale I hope you don't miss main sale. This is one of the gems to really establish a healthy portfolio.

Great Job Team! Congrats to all the successful Pre ICO participants! The discount offer is really appealing and it is a good opportunity for everyone to join the project at discounted rates.

Great news, but not that surprising!
With all the potential Spotcoin has, it's not a surprise that pre-ICO was sold out so quickly!
If you missed out, or were unable to invest in this phase, ICO is just around the corner. Have your NEO ready...

Indeed. This is not surprising at all. The way they promoted the project as well as uniqueness of the project. Way to go..

it is actually quite surprising to me. crypto market is now at it's lowest point, some coins that are listed on exchanges have gone down below ico price. and most icos now hardly make it to the softcap and they have to refund investors money. spotcoin must be something really special that they can get this far.

As there are plenty of ICO project, I can proudly said that, this #SpotCoin project has the best management in every way which any successful project should has.

If you weren't aware - Spot provides an environmentally friendly- yes green! - mining service with a massive 1.1MW hydroelectric power mining facility. That's pretty impressive! As well as their sell-out pre-ICO!

Spotcoin is very generous about token distribution. If you are willing to invest, these are your last chance. Let's invest!

Magnificent. It means I ain't the only one seeing the Bright Future of my dear Spotcoin. When Demand is higher than Supply, two things happen, Scarcity and Price increase.. Spotcoin is sure going to the Moon. No one should miss out of the Spotcoin ICO

Congratulations for all who had purchased SPOT tokens in our Pre-ICO, at a nice 20% discount. With spotcoin digital currencies work for everyone.Congratulations also because you are one of the 2.5 million spot holder.And it was pretty fast the pre-ico sold out of 2.5 million spot tokens.The only way to buy spot tokens is in ICO coming soon.

You are amazing guys! The pre ico stage was very successful and the main token sale will be even better! I have no doubts, that you will achieve all your set goals!

I heard a lot of good things about Spotcoin and recently read the whitepaper. How many days did it take for the tokens to sell out?

#Spotcoin adjoins belief to the broken countryside of modern digital assets property close to rapidly and transparently management complicated business patch homologous form and removing marketplace inefficiencies and besides construction digital resources administration instrument and growing an port that admit clients to procure the total advantage of the smartness thriftiness

SpotCoin is doing a marvelous job so far, the progress nothing but impressive. I wish the announcement could be longer, as I only noticed some of the updates only few days, the pre sale or airdrops finished so fast. But i will eager to wait for the main sale then. :) thanks.

Congratulations to all the people who purchase on Pre-ICO.
If you did not get your tokens on Pre-ICO, this is the change to get SpotTokens on the upcoming Main ICO.
Cannot wait for the exact of the ICO.

I have a lot of hope about UPCOMING ICO. In Georgia, the meeting is expected to have a lot of fun.

12% of Spotcoin’s net profits quarterly... A tempting offer... It is a pity that now there is no money to invest. But I'll think of something.

i got in the Pre-Sale, it was really quick. i need to make some referrals now to add up to my earlier SPOT tokens. am hoping to see a successful main #ico

I like the chosen concept and idea . I thin.k that the project will be successfull.. A good and reliable platform NEO is the right solution. This ico cares and advise their users very much . its so wonderful

Congratulations for the achievement!
Thank you Spotcoin for giving us an opportunity to buy SPOT tokens at a discount. I was able to reserve a considerable number of tokens from the pre-ICO. I hope that the investors who missed the pre-ICO will join with the public sale.

Unfortunately I missed the partecipation at the PRE-ICO! I will definitely attend the ICO to buy Spotcoin tokens that are more than just tokens!

Looking forward to the ICO with the low min purchase of 50 SPOTs. I didnt participate in the pre-ico due to the $1k level being a bit too high for my budget.

I knew it would not last long, the good ones never do. You can still participate in the main ICO, but you would be wise to get whitelisted now.

Congratulations to all investors who participated in Pre-ICO phase. If you miss the Pre-ICO sale dont worry Public ICO will announce soon. Keep in touch on telegram and Spotcoin.com website for more news.

I never doubt the success of this campaign from the word go. This is sure going to be super successful. Warm wishes spotcoin team

Spotcoin plans to raise $30m through sale of tokens which will begin by the end of quarter three of 2018. The total number of tokens that will be available is ninety nine million (99,000,000). All token holders benefit from the platform by being entitled to dividends which are calculated based on transparent and audited results of revenues generated. In the image below is the token distribution chart

The spotcoin ico is coming hp incase you didnt get the chance to partipate in the pre-ico, they is no cause for alarm one can still buy Spot coin in the public sale. But be sure not to miss the date.

I am happy to support you guys good luck to the team

Awesome. Just in short time, the token was sold out perfectly. Nice shoot spotcoin. it will be a great further

Friends, if you did not manage to get tokens, do not worry ISO is not far off! Register on the site and join the group Telegram Spotcoin to be among the first who knows the exact date. Guys, even if you yourself have invested in SPOT, you can also be interested in the investor's referral program. Read more in the publication and get the equivalent of 10% of your investment in SPOT tokens. Do not waste time in vain!

No wonder at all.Every spot lovers expect this going to be happen.well done Team Spot.

i easily see spotcoin reach a value of 3-4 dollars in the near future!!! thanks so much for this bounty. one of the greatest i found.

OMG i miss this chance. any one can give me more details a about there main sale?

NEO technology is very promising, so the cooperation of the project Spotcoin with him definitely will bring success!

The sales are going great. I think it will be even better. Spotcoin is very different from other projects. That's why people are investing. The team works very well.

Congratulations to all who won.And #Spotcoin project team.I know that soon you will pass your next journey.Everybody who has not had a chance pre ico .Do not miss the next chance😍😍😍

Wow that's awesome guys. I can really see this project is gonna be big. Heres to hoping that the public sale sells out just as quick! Good luck team

An outstanding project in all ramifications. I missed it, but was not surprised though, because the project is great. Getting ready for the ICO...

A very nice project! Do read the whitepaper for more info.

congratulation spotcoin !!!
not surpriced by this results because we expected this already. spotcoin has gained so much interest among the investors. waiting for the public sale to participate. i'm sure there will be huge competition in crowdsale.

pre ico is over. congratulations!! couldn't participate in pre-ico ?? don't worry and get ready for upcomming ico. i'm sure there will be bonus for us in upcomming ico.

pre- ico is finished even before it's time scale. i can see the future of spotcoin. sure it will be a bright one.

Spotcoin is the greatest project ever that makes the financial institution of the future accessible for people all over the world. Wish you good luck in creating a new future.

Sold out so fast wow . That shows the interest in the project indeed. Happy to be a part of the presale.

I could not participate in the pre ico, so I'm definitely participating in the main ico.You all know that a clear future is connected with this ico

Nice finance result. Good luck to project!

After analyzing the Spotcoin project, we can conclude that the project has enough experienced and strong team members. It should be noted that Spotcoin always strives for open and free communication with customers and the community.

Good luck to all whitelisted participants! Always remember the basics: BOOKMARK the official website, transact and communicate with official SpotCoin admin, use non exchange NEO wallet and be ON TIME. This is a limited PRE ICO sale with 20% discount without lock up period!

Awesome achievement to the team for reaching the 2.5 Million Spot in pre-sale earlier. This is wonderful news to all investors meaning the ICO is trusted by many.

It will be my first ico campaign. I want to get a spotcoin as soon as possible. I can not wait for this. I hope I can join another conference in Turkey.

congratulation for achieving this goal

Spotcoin Pre-ICO was completed before the closing date for the project with the sale of 2.5Mn USD spotcoins were slod. The confidence or the solidnes of the project shows with this fast buy out.Now other investors has the chance to purchase spotcoin in the main ICO with whitening to the project.
As per my understanding on this project Spotcoin token holders will have a higher ROI by investing. The project aims to deliver solutions to key main problems in the crypto world mainly Crypto to fiat conversion.


This project deserves a lot of attention, because its goals are very relevant in our days. Investing in a relevant and stable project is good way for earning money.

When we discuss about the group of this project it is a really amazing team, here is an example for that. here is well talented developer. good luck spotcoin team. this project has amazing future

It's obvious that the project is already successful and it is an achievement taking in mind current atmosphere on the crypto market. 99% sure that the project will shoot and the team will do everything possible. Watched all articles and well understood about this awesome project. Let's keep hope in Spotcoin guys.

This is an amazing achievement by the Spotcoin team and clearly shows the success of the project. Thanks to everyone participated in the Pre-sale!

congratulations to all lucky investors that join in presale, There were only limited seats, So others will get another chance to get some spotcoin token in ICO, so keep in touch guys, it is coming

This is what Spotcoin deserved as a good project. I'm pretty sure the ICO will be ending up with a huge success

I like the chosen concept and idea of the project. I think that the project will be successful. A good and reliable platform NEO is the right solution.

Despite the fact that the crypto-currency market has fallen slightly, the #Spotcoin project lives and develops. Well done that do not lose heart and continue their work. They need our support and together we will change the world. Friends, forward into the future with blockchain technology.

This was quite expected. Good result!

I will make every effort to take part in the ICO, I think that your project is very high quality, and in recent years, the tokens of good exchanges are growing in price.

Hah, at such moments it's nice to realize that you're on the white list, and not just somewhere on the sidelines aside from everything that's happening :)
My congratulations to the team, great work!

Fantastic outcome to close earlier than scheduled considering the market conditions. Shows how much attention the project is having.

This project will become most demanded token sale event for the year 2018. all the best.

Good news for women and younger. Spotcoin get special attention to women. It will easier in the future, then lot of women will join the crytpo world. Great idea for crypto world.

wow! spot coin is really nice but their update news slow. i hope it will be successful project for crypto market

very Interesting project..I believe this project because.. The peculiarity of the project is that it does not give empty promises or rash proposals.

This is a rare privilege no one should miss. It is a promising project with good future prospects.

This is a project with good potential for development, creative idea and a strong team. The project can bring a good profits in the future. I wish you good luck. Join now.