We Have 5 New VERIFIED Creators!

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Congratulations to @ahmadmanga @marianaemilia @simplegame @splinterlands-ru and @flauwy, our new Verified Creators.

We took our time with selecting our latest round of Verified Creators and are stoked to announce that we have 5 creators receiving their badge!

We thank everyone that submitted their account for consideration and are stoked to have selected the following 5 Creators.

Verified Creators represent some of the top content creators on our platform! They're given curation priority on the battlegames.io front end, receiving more rewards and boosting the visibility of their content.

Verified Creators Receive:

  • Creator Role in our Discord allowing access to the exclusive #post-promotion-plus curation channel.
  • Regularly curated by our main @battlegames account with 250K BATTLE - 30K SPT - 3K NEOXAG - 2K STEEM Plus other coins!
  • The Verified Creator badge.

We look forward to seeing your content on the platform. Congrats guys, keep up the great work!



Congrats receiving the badges! :)

Thanks so much !

Most welcome, glad to have ya!

Congratulations to you all. Keep posting those quality posts!

Congratulations and felicitaciones :)

Woo-hoo! I have to prepare my next article soon. Thanks for the trust! :)

Thanks for the promotion! and Congrats to all other verified Creators!

Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to all these Verified Creators. Keep up the good work and good wishes from my side.

@battlegames, Keep doing the good work team and hope that your efforts will bring effective results. Stay blessed.

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