Daily Delegation - Day 33 (1,000 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Today we say goodbye to delegations for @bearbear613 & @chrismadcboy2016 thanks for playing and I hope you can find another victory in the near future.

Yesterdays contest was about naming our fictional S-E token mining game. There were a lot of interesting entries but one entry stood out for me and that was from our resident NeoxAg delegation hog @ironshield who had a very detailed response with some ridiculous miner names that need to be rewarded.

I'm toying with the idea of adding a little bonus prize to the contest moving forward where I create a NeoxAg voting account and each winner would be added to the voting list. I guess I could do this right from my account as well. Would like your thoughts on what you think of this idea. Best thought wins a 1,000 NeoxAg delegation for 30 days.

I might arbitrarily give out a bonus 1,000 NeoxAg delegation today.

Neoxian City Discord.


resident NeoxAg delegation hog

It's taken much creative energy to earn this magnificent title.

I think the idea of voting accounts is fantastic and it would be a great opportunity for content creators and the curator account alike. It's a "gift that keeps on giving" as this beautiful symbiotic relationship can be ongoing for all eternity.

We're all going to the same moon and Neoxian is the spaceship to take us there. In three, two, one...

I can't compete with this guy, but if you add voting to the mix more people may try harder to beat @ironshield. Maybe a resteem will get some fresh eyes on the contest and possibly draw a new contender to take on the delegation contest champ.

The more the merrier - hop on board. We can all position ourselves for success during this quiet time before the next wave comes in. We are the next generation of whales and it's our job to do a better job.

Lift off!