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Hey guys, so the Code for the new Hive blockchain was just made public.
One things I was very curious about was the list of accounts there were being excluded (forked out). Well you can see it below.

Code from the new Hive:

#ifndef STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22
#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22 22

#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22_TIME 1567090800 // Thu, 29 August 2019 15:00:00 UTC (11:00:00 EDT)

#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22__3485 STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22

#define STEEM_HARDFORK_0_22_VERSION hardfork_version( 0, 22 )


namespace hardforkprotect

inline static const std::set< std::string >& get_steemit_accounts()
   static const std::set< std::string > steemit_accounts
    // steemit accounts
    // tron puppets
    // Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp

   return steemit_accounts;


It is quite sad to see @steemchiller and @funtraveller's name there.

Why? I don't feel sad about it. Clearly they are happy with Steemit and wanted to stay with steemit.

Yes you are right but is a great service that we would miss in Hive. But in a way it is good because it becomes an opportunity for someone to create one for Hive. 😀

I know that following him he's had some issues keeping it funded...

Love the service and hope he comes over when the dust settles..

I hope in this new beginning he gets more support. 😀

Well maybe people will realize what they miss and ask including some SP power..

hivePower - activate!

Sorry... old WonderTwins Saturday cartoon reference

I think it's because I followed a "proxy" witness that's excluded from Hive.

Thanks for posting about this list @neoxian

I just want to know whether this list can be amended or is there a way for me to be re-considered for Hive?

Ah good that I tagged you here. And glad to know that it was a mistake.

I'm guessing they should definitely be able to remove you from the list if you explain them what happened. Hoping to see you there. 😀

Yes, very thankful for it. Imagine my dismay knowing about it at the time of the launch, which I'm very excited until I learned about this list :(

Roelandp gave a responce to the korean community. Seems there is the possibility of fixing things with future airdrops. A proposal will have to be made and accepted though

Still seems pretty screwed up to me.

Thanks for sharing the link, this is very helpful for me.

No problem, happy I could assist

Yeah when this was first brought to my attention (had no idea the list was so vast) it made me feel that Hive is not the movement of community but a Clique.

It's not up to me, but to be honest, it doesn't look hopeful for you. The fork happens in less then 7 hours now, but
I suppose you could go to the discord
and plead your case. You need to hurry tho.

Thanks for pointing me to the discord.

It maybe too late for me, but I'm willing to try.

It seems there will be a way to put in a proposal for forgiveness. I am not a fan of the wording, but please, go for that!

Definitely not a fan as well. It makes me feel like I'm an "ex-con" finding my way into the Hive :(

Sometimes one has to accept computer logics, but fortunately there is also a chance to adress people. I put trust into the new project, but unfortunately some have to jump through a loop first...

Although not blackballed this action will see me powering down both STEEM and HIVE which both seem to be under the control of egomaniacs.

@steemchiller shouldn't be in that list. Can't imagine Hive/Steem without Steemworld.

The concensus witnesses should have considered the effort & hardwork that @steemchiller have done for the community.

I don't remember your position but if you accidentally voted for Justin and didn't support his efforts to take over the chain I expect you to be removed.

Steemchiller unfortunately should not be removed regardless of his service and I do love Steem world.

I followed a proxy which made me inherit someone else "wrong doing" according to Hive code.

I wonder whether somebody from Hive team would even bother looking at the "blacklist" and review the accounts in it.

I feel bad for myself even if I'm just a small account, I feel worse for the ones who are heavily invested in Steem/Hive ~ time, effort, & money

If it was a mistake indeed, it can easily be checked and im sure you will receive your HIVE after the review process.

So this was a community decision was it? What a fucking joke.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

For me this is a big mistake to exclude even some rather small accounts just because they voted for the new witnesses. The witnesses of HIVE and their developers should stick to their ideals and create a cencorshipfree decentralized awesome social chain. Not start with a excluding move!

return steemit_accounts;

The accounts of the 3rd list are NOT steemit accounts!

HIVE ideals were doomed with v. 22.2. Egos won over ideals.

@neoxian what about witness. I dont see him in the list aint him a sockpuppet ???

Don't know, an oversight perhaps?

Some big surprises in that list. HIVE did his homework!!!

I wonder if it matters if people can make an account easily but also where you found this info.
I must be living underneath stone since of most accounts I never heard of. Lists like these give me a creepy feeling.

Most of them are korean so thats probably why you never heard of them

Oh well. As we say in Nigeria, we MOVE. I won't miss anybody on that list tbh.

Do we know that amount of STEEM not being converted to HIVE? What I mean is, what is their total combined steem holdings?

I can't give you the number, but it does seem like this would be a known value.

Appreciate the response. I suppose we could look at this as a "token burn"....? The new fork will have less tokens and fingers crossed hold a little more value??

@neoxian, btw, @balticbadger looked a normal steemian account to me.

What about cases when some good steemian gets on the list because she was confused to witness thing and all those wars?

I hear there might be a proposal in the new system that people could vote on, that might provide forgiveness and restore stake to some of these accounts.

Wow I can't believe they went after sct, the koreans are not going to be happy about that. Guess this is going to be more of a split then a migration.

You should be abke to log in the same way you do with steem when it launches. Same key and everything. One website should be but it just redirects to steem atm.

I see no "Freedom" account there tho. @neoxian

freedom does not vote for the sock puppets.

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Kinfd of surprised by a few names on that list. As long as this guarantees a fresh good start, I'm all in.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Kinfd of surprised by a few names on that list. As long as this guarantees a fresh good start, I'm all in.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

How does exclusion from airdrop constitute censorship? They are welcome, they can post, they just don't get any free tokens.

If your going to fork a chain, the new chain should have all the assets of the original. Period. This is collectivist bullshit. Also, Hive is the worst name, ever.

Is there a law which imposes all that? Here was me thinking that the MIT license allows edits. In fact, it even promotes them.

But to each their own I guess. Next time tho, make sure you at least know the meaning of terms. Censorship is a whole different thing. But... nice try.

Call it what you want, picking and choosing who gets the new shitcoins is clearly a bad way to start a censorship free, decentralized chain. It`s ridiculous. I will have no part of it, except selling everything.

I generally agree and brought this up, but with the proposal system allowing appeals, anyone who wants to, can. They couldn't individually and personally get to know everyone and act accordingly, so it was a systematic choice to be unbiased and sweeping based on whatever requirements.

Whether individuals should be excluded is up to the eye of the beholder, but I think with the appeal system, no problem. Everyone can get their airdrop if they were not maliciously forcing the Justin Sun initiative

Cool story, bro.

There should not be any need for this so-called "airdrop."

Everything that someone doesn't like they call censorship. 😄

Ti si najnizi oblik ulizice koji sam video u zivotu.

Why are you asking me? I'm just reporting it. I had no say in any of this.

Just thought you might have some more insight. I had heard something about this, now I can see the accounts, but I`m still not sure exactly why they will be blocked.

Ok fine, I'll bite. Hive is a new blockchain. It is not steem, but a new thing.

Any group of people have the freedom to gather together and make a fork of Steem. Moreover, these group of people have the freedom to make changes in the blockchain, and they select to exclude certain accounts from their new blockchain.

Is it censorship? Maybe? If you don't like it, you have the freedom not to join this new chain.

Yea, I already knew all that. I`m sorry that my question annoys you. I will un-follow you to avoid any more uncomfortable situations with you. MMkaay?

Fuck off dumbass.


Wow, thanks for wrecking my reputation. You must feel really good about yourself, picking on the little guy.

hahahahaha! To the point 😂 Love it 👍

They won't be blocked, they just won't participate in the airdrop. Why? Because if they would, that would instantly recreate the unequal dynamics that got us here in the first place on the new chain.

Thanks for a reasonable answer.

For the record, because of this, I will not be using HIVE or STEEMIT, once the dust settles.

Share your steem/hive with me if you are going to dump it @chadmichaellibby. Maybe this is sort of a game for you guys, but I'm using steem as a job to get money to live like a lot of people in countries with hard economic problems.

Why the fuck would I do that? I`m going to sell it and buy ADA