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If you're like me and have a fascination with bitcoin and cryptocurrency but want to look at quicker ways to obtain it then look no further. I have the best solutions to help you buy bitcoin with Paypal.

You may also be wondering what the hell am I doing talking about Bitcoin on my relationships blog? Well, I've decided to diversify myself a little, and to talk about everything that I'm interested in.

You see, back when I began in the world of cryptocurrency it wasn't that easy to buy bitcoin at all. There was virtually no way to buy it unless you either mined it, or sent money over to someone that had it -- and they had to be in your country else you were screwed.

Luckily as the years passed, cryptocurrency grew more popular and payment processors would start taking it on left right and centre. Even visa at one point. But alas, the banks fought back and removed every way to get yourself some crypto quickly and easily at the click of a button. So now, unless you are uber verified, then you're bang out of luck my friend.

There is nowhere you can go right now to buy some bitcoin without a valid form of ID. It's sad, but it's true. You'll need some form of ID to make the transaction because of the regulations and steep fines governments have put on traders.

Unless, of course you go underground. Or in a community where people have grown to know you? But more on that later. First we'll get out the ways you can buy it off websites:

Local Bitcoins is a good place to buy bitcoin with paypal

local bitcoins logo

You should try Local Bitcoins. It's a good place to start. This has a wide array of ways of swapping your money for some of that precious coinage. If you're in the UK then you can swap directly from your bank account. The effort is minimal and it's a quick swap.

Expect to pay a little more for your Bitcoin via Paypal through Local Bitcoins (or anywhere else for that matter) because there's a higher risk to it. Not if you are buying it of course, but there's a whole risk to payback fraud which is a hot topic amongst sellers on that platform. The issue is that some untrustworthy people will buy the product from you and then declare to Paypal that they didn't get anything from you. And since trading Bitcoin on Paypal is essentially against their terms and conditions -- then you are screwed.

Alas, be smart. Not super careful, just be smart. On Local Bitcoins sellers will have reputation and always trade with the high reputation 100 percenters and everything will go as smoothly as possible.

I've never had a problem with this place and I've traded at least 15 btc in my lifetime.

That's it. I'm not going to give you any more ways to buy bitcoin with paypal

Why? Well, perhaps call me a cryptocurrency purist where I really don't like that governments have got themselves involved. I hate it but I understand that we couldn't just not have it. There would have to be some form of solution where there is a bit of give and take. Like in relationships, right? To form a solution conflict must arise, and there must be some form of mediation between the two. It's not about winning or losing.

Anyway. On with the show because there are a few other things I've found out on my travels.

Binance will let you trade anything up to 2 btc without verification. Yup, if you're like me and get annoyed whenever the government checks up on what you're doing via the financial market. I mean it's not as if I'm earning quadrillions, right? I like to use Binance to do a bit of trading here and there. 2 btc is a lot for anyone unless you have a hoard of wealth somewhere.


So if you don't have a passport, or you hate giving that away to someone over the internet that you've never met before (seriously, I hate it) then go trade your btc at Binance. All the popular coins are there too. Binance also have their own coin BNB coin that you can go and try. You'll earn commissions from it too. It's a pretty cool coin.

Where else can I go? I don't like Local Bitcoins. I don't trust it.

Okay, fair enough. You can go here at but don't expect them to be noob friendly. I've met a lot of nice sellers on Local Bitcoins but you can buy bitcoin with paypal with ease here too. But you'll be expected to know your stuff. You'll also be expected to not be a nooby noob because they release entire books on hot to social engineer people that don't understand things (social engineer = use deceptive psychology to trick you into parting with your money).

I've used this place for quite a while now. It's one of my other go-to places when all my sellers elsewhere are tapped out. But I've been in the game since 2013 -- so make sure you're aware what you're getting into.

Trading with Paypal in your community

Another great opportunity is to make yourself known in a cryptocurrency rich community. I'm in a few of them already. In fact I've only just traded with someone I know about 1 hour ago because I needed $10 worth of money. Because they knew me on a semi-personal level there was a level of respect there that I was able to trade with him.

Remember. Most of it (including Paypal) is all about trust. There is no guarantee you will get whatever you intend to buy or sell, so the biggest currency someone has in the cryptocurrency world is the trust and respect that they earn -- remember that.

There's nothing more that you can have than your trust.

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Yeah. My favorite is trading from within a community.
And agree on binance call out.. bnb rocks.
You can buy through them via simplex with credit/debit card too... and just recently if in Europe you can go direct with Visa card.
Not the cheapest buying on credit but fast and relatively easy.

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Yeah! I didn't want to mention that because I was trying to show people how to do it without giving out your ID to as many places. But that works too, yup :)

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