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Welcome fans to the weekly spectacle, where we dish the dirt on all your favourite neoxian city dwellers.

We are a weekly paper, so be sure to note that these are events that have happened over the last week in our awesome city! We're also looking for stories, and we'll pay neoxag for every one of them that we publish.Happy reading. 

Groundhog Day in the City of Neoxian

Although we are 2 months early; a startling appearance was made by  Punxsutawney Burl, Neoxian City's famous groundhog to give his upcoming prediction. We were pleased to know that spring is on its way as Burl remained outside of his burrow to shout and scream at Citizen Xawi for more than an hour before retreating back to where he came from, never to be heard from again.

For those of you that don't know the groundhog legend, Punxsutawney Burl, when outside of his home views his shadow, it will frighten him and he will retreat back home. This prophesying 6 more weeks of winter. If not, then spring is on the way.

So there will be no winter in the City of Neoxian this year. Apparently.

The City of Neoxian is accepting refugees with open arms

Whilst other tribes are screaming, "Dey terk er jerbs!!" Mr Dragon and his kinfolk are welcoming narrative refugees in their hundreds right off the boat. Citizen @blockurator, tired and weary, not had a wash in months, or a shave, had this to say to our reporters,

Hey, what the f*ck you mean 'not had a shave or wash in a month,' this is how I normally look
Ohhhh? The City? Well, it's good and all, but it's not quite narrative. Maybe we'll set up little narrative in Neoxian City with niche's and publications.. what could possibly go wrong?

@reazuliqbal appointed as the great eye of neoxian who see's all, and then quickly loses that title again

In mordor-type awesomeness, @reazuliqbal sat over the city of Neoxian and cast his eyes far and wide, watching, sitting, gathering -- there is nothing that this man could not see, or unsee for that matter. He was appointed by the great dragons, long ago, to keep a lengthy watchful eye over the good deeds, and of course the misdeeds of people in the City of Neoxian. There was nothing @reazuliqbal could not catch...

..that is until in an epic display of love and betrayal, he was caught supporting the city-spammers of @neoxian

I.. I.. just missed it. My vote was on auto

@reazuliqbal offered to fall on his sword as penance for his misdeeds, but we won't know much more until Mr Dragon emerges later.

We wait...

Double Bear tries to corrupt City Folks... again.

In what could only be described as similar to an addict needing a bigger hit -- Double Bear spams nice and innocent city dwellers with his unruliness, sexual innuendos, and bad behaviour. If there was a chart for this sort of shenanigans in the city, it would be showing a sharp increase since last month. Dragons have decided to meet in private to decide what to do after citizen @xawi fell on her fainting-couch. 

Citizen Bear was available for comment:

Damn, you're one hot sexy reporter. What's a fine woman like you doing out in a cold Canadian winter like this?

Our female reporter fled the scene.

Citizen @simplymike wins the here-but-not-really-here award! Yay

Crowds gathered in Neoxian square yesterday as @simplymike received the prestigious here-but-not-really-here award. An award given to people, that not much unlike Dragonspeaks, speak a few lines and then disappear entirely for a few hours/days. The award is given for the science breaking technologies that allow someone to be here-but-not-really-here. Honoured by the chance, we recorded @simplymike's speech.

Wow, thank you. I've never won an award before. But I'd like to thank my mu...

And then she was gone. We expect her to re-appear tomorrow at some point to finish her sentence. Citizens were advised not to wait, and go to their beds.


I strike from the record anything about "you're one hot sexy reporter" I only say that when I'm drunk and on the second date!!

haha another great edition :) loved it! It's always vibrant in our city..

Hahaha, LMAO.
I was never gone for days. You just weren't around when I was ;0P

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