Why the Small Things in Life are Actually the Big Things

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We are trained to look at, anticipate and prepare for the big things in life. That disaster brewing, that plan for a large inheritance and the life insurance we buy to cover death are all good, but the thousands of small things good and bad make our lives.

Each small choice has a small consequence that leads up to a large outcome. If we neglect a thousand small things, we will get a large negative outcome.

When you consider your next move, look at all the details. Did you leave anything out? What could a host of small holes have on your plan?

When we make big plans, we often overlook a slew of small details. We need to consider all the outcomes and effects of these small things. We need to write a project plan and map them. Who are our stakeholders? Who are our customers? Consider all the regulatory and ethical aspects, and what any small violation could have on the bottom line.

Keep considering the small things, for they will add up to big consequences.

Picture from Pixabay.


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