Why Hope is Absolutely Essential to the Human Experience

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Hope is a belief that things will get better in the future. We have all gone through issues that were agonizing in the present, and we knew with time they would subside. Imagine knowing it would never get better? Hope drives us, and it is an essential part of our lives.

Acceptance of things we know will not change is a part of life, but we need an understanding we can change and influence our standing. Education, a chance for promotion at work, investments in our community and a general promotion and advancement ladder in society all bolster and support our hope for the future. It is in society's best interest to make these advancement tracks available, and without them, crime and despair run amok.

If you have no hope for the future, you have no impetus to drive forward, innovate or even to make any plans for your family's future. This leads to utter stagnation.

Every advancement in the human experience was made because someone had hope for their future. From water filtraton systems to surgial procedures, hope floats the human experience. Our experiences shape our outlook and how we process the world.

Let's make 2020 a year we change and positively shape our communities. If we see cracked windows in our society, we need to fix them. Passing by tragedy is a major problem.

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