Neoxian City Photo Challenge week #10 - Leading lines !!

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This week "Neoxian City Photo Challenge" has presented us with the theme "Leading Line" and it happens to be one of my favorite themes leading lines photography has always impressed me and even more so since i started with Steemit looking at photographers like @axeman , @daveks and @victorbz i have learnt a lot from these guys , so today i am going to show you some of my favorite leading line subjects that i like to work with.






Let's start of with Railway Lines which i find attractive and amazing because you can never see the other end.






This railway line starts from the city of Bangkok in Thailand and runs all the way up to the north-east of Thailand for a length of approximately 700 km it is a slow train but to get to see a great country side of Thailand.






Skyscrapers are the other leading line subject i love to photography mainly because of there such beautiful architectural perfect designed lines.







All these skyscrapers are icon building in the city of Bangkok , Thailand.




And mother nature leading lines i find the most amazing this was in Kyoto , Japan.





The corn flied and strawberry fields in the out north of Thailand where very interesting to see how nicely lined up they where.



So what are leading lines you say ??

Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the viewer of your photos attention is drawn to lines that lead to the main subject of the image. A leading line paves an easy path for the eye to follow through different elements of a photo.



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Thank you @esteem 👍

wonderful shots good luck in the contest

Thank you my friend 👍

most welcome I hope your Sunday is going well :)

My Sunday is over and it when well you have a great Sunday yours has only just 🤭 ☀️ 🙂

Ohh yeah thats true well have a good week ahead ;)

Thank you my friend and you to 🙂

Brilliant photography

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Thank you my friend 👍

Wow! You nailed it my friend. Beautiful selection! 😍

Thank you my friend your entry is quite fascinating also 🙂

OMG, such a crazy beautiful series!
they will be in hard trouble to pick the right winning picture but sure you're the only winner of this challenge - all 3 places are yours!
thank you for the mention too

Haha...thanks for your kind words but i won't be that greedy i will leave some places for 🤭

well you're right :-)

Good luck with your photo also it's very impressive also 👍

:-) thank you !

Your welcome my friend 👍

Holy wowsers! That's an impressive collection of photographs representing leading lines! 📷

There's no way I could narrow down and select one as my favorite image! Good luck in the contest and have a terrific weekend, my friend! @hangin 💙

Thank you so much for your kind words @ninahaskin and you have a lovely weekend also 🙂

You're very welcome! Weekend's going by fast -- already halfway over. Happy Sunday! @hangin 🔆

Been in a different time frame my weekend is almost over already 1.30 pm Sunday afternoon here 😒

Those are some spectacular shots, good luck for contest.

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Thank you so much appreciator for your kind words and thanks for upvote and featuring my post 👍

A lot of pretty photography of leading lines.

Holy crap man, some good shizz up there! I really like the B&W rail tracks. Nostalgic almost since railways like that are becoming less and less used.

Thank you @enginewitty this is true these tracks are becoming very scarce but good for me they still have a few around Thailand 👍

Great lines sir hangin and a great variety of them. Did you lay down in the middle of the tracks on those first two? This is the ultimate lines post, it should win an award!

Well thank you sir janton for your kind words and yes i did lay down in the middle of the tracks and 5 minutes later a train came steaming down the i timed it well 🤣 👀 👍

That's very dedicated of you sir hangin and it was worth the effort!

Thank you sir janton and it certainly was worth the effort 👍

You're a good role model for photographers is hangin, as long as you realize when a train is coming!

Well thank you sir janton well i put my ear to the tracks and listen and know how far away the train 🤣

That's pretty clever sir hangin. That's probably the way your train robber ancestors did it back in Australia. lol.

Well i didn't want to say that but now that you have mention 🤣

Awesome photos @hangin, as always!!!
Thanks for sharing, take care🥰🌺🤙

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Thank you my friend have a lovely day 🙂