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Hey guys , here i am come up with NEOXAG POWER DELEGATIONS FOR COMMUNITIES again . On the past week my first Delegation contest goes well . Total 21 Users participate the contest and nominate 38 individual Communities . In total 76 community nominations has been accepted and from those nominations 5 Top nominated Community has been selected as winner of the contest . As reward 5 communities will get 4000 NEOXAG POWER DELEGATION each for a month . So , Let's see which communities win the contest .


Winners Of Contest Week : #1


This is the Contest nominations chart . So The top nominated community is @creativecoin community , they got total 6 nominations . After that @actifit got 5 nomination and become 2nd top nominated community . @steemhunt and @steemjet both got 4 nominations , so they become 3rd and 4th top nominated community . Now comes to 5th / last spot , there 6 communities got 3 nominations each and they are ( @steem.leo , @wafrica , @ocdb , @sportstalksocial , @intrepreneur and @dlike ) but there is only one spot , So i am giving that spot to @ocd and giving +1 nomination to other 5 communities for this week nomination window .So finally the communities that getting 4000 NEOXAG Power delegations is :

@steem.leo , @wafrica , @sportstalksocial , @intrepreneur and @dlike each community will get +1 nomination for this week contest.

All nominations Posts :



How to join and Contest Rules

I know rules are boring but I am trying to keep simple....

  • All you have to do choose up to 5 communities and write a post that why you think these communities need the delegation and how this delegation will help them.
  • Those communities have active delegation they are not accepted as nomination .
  • Submit your post under the tag #neoxianpowercontest
  • You can write about any community on your post but it has to be precise.
  • This contest is open to all Steemians and only one entry per steemit account is allowed.
  • Comment your post link on this post and also put some short description about your nominated community.
  • Resteem will help to spread the contest in other users.



You should submit your entries before this post payout come , That's mean 7 day's . Winners name will be announced on the next day.


  • 4000 NEOXAG POWER Delegation for a month to each 5 communities.
  • 2000 NEOXAG POWER Delegation from @zaku-ag and 2000 NEOXAG POWER Delegation from @neoxian
  • Every entry post author will get 100 NEOXAG POWER As Stake and also upvote on entry post from neoxian city bidbot @neoxiancityvb .



The Tribe of Neoxian
Neoxian City - A New Scot Tribe On the Steem Blockchainneox-silver.gif
The Monetary Policy of Neoxian
Introducing NEOXAG Bid Bot Sink !! Delegate Steem Power and Earn NEOXAG Each and Every day + Passive profit for Upvote buyers
The Tribe Of Neoxian Airdrop Reports & Future Airdrops
LowCard Game - First Steem-Engine Token Based Discord Game Bot BY NEOXIAN CITY TRIBE


That's all for today , I am inviting you to visit our city : Click on this icon to enter 👉 imageedit_25_4507760003.gif Though some used to call it Discord channel , but we(citizens) call it our city .



I have nominated two communities in my post. Best of luck to everyone and thank you for the opportunity!

Nomination for @pifc (Pay It Forward Contests) as I feel they are very deserving for this delegation and work hard to increase user retention across the steemit platform which is somethin we all need not just as individual communities but as a shared Steemit community.

I have nominated three communities in my post. Thanks for the contest.

@aggamun, @naythan, @golden.future, @ansoe, @minsoenaing.

I hope all of you to participate in this contest.


I have nominated 4 communities with a focus on curation and helping smaller steemians.

Above is the link to my nominated communities. They include BATTLE / SPT / Wafrica/ Contest Kings and INT.

Nominating STEEMS #1 Gaming Community @battlegames

Also nominating the fine tribes/communities of Intrepreneur and Contest Kings, gotta keep it real on planet earth!

I have nominated five worthy communities in my nomination post! THANK YOU for this opportunity! 🙌


Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity, to provide positive energy and engagement on our blockchain. I am nominating two communities: @steemterminal, and @heyhaveyamet.

Here is my submission post:

Thank you for your consideration my friend...


I made 4 Nominations.
Contest Kings, Battlegames, The Alliance and Team Australia
Thanks for the opportunity Zaku!

I have nominated 3 communities:
-Contest Kings

2 are gaming communities that are very supportive towards content creators and the other once is helping people promote their contests while giving a share of that communities power back to the authors :)

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Well done, great initiative.

My community is a hardened community of Steem Veterans since before the great pump :D

So, we are a bit inactive and waiting for better days, as such we won't need the contest's prize, but I know this is a great help for starting communities, and I can see there are many of them popping out.

Also, great job with Neoxian city.

The Crypto Empire sends its regards :)

Cool! I actually won 20 in yesterdays tournament and was wondering what it was about, I thought it was 20 NEOXAG Tokens ! Thanks!!👍👍👍

If you have the room for it you can feel free to use the #int tag on here :)

@zaku, Thank you so much for the kind mention. Keep up the good work.

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@zaku are you ok with people nominating the same community again? This time I can make sure to nominate more then 1 community as I saw this with more then a few hours left.

Yeah users can nominate the same community again , but not those who have active delegations (Winners ) .

You got a 6.25% upvote from @promobot courtesy of @zaku!

Liked and Re-Steemed, nice Contest - maybe I'll find time to Check-In

Thanks for the post.

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