Is NESARA / GESARA a real thing?

in #nesara2 months ago

"Alliance sources are claiming that NESARA no longer is needed in America, since last month Trump signed the revised Paris Agreement, in which GESARA was secretly embedded. Therefore, NESARA, which originally was destined for the Republic of America, has merged with GESARA.

The announcement of GESARA at the U.N. will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world amounting to a total of 206 sovereign nations.

The new financial system is part of GESARA law."

"No discussion of NESARA/GESARA can take place without due recognition of Judge Anna von Reitz, who has done so much to educate the world on the nuances of different forms of government including "corporations" that have replaced legitimate sovereign governments."

"There are also still claims that NESARA/GESARA or the St. Germaine Trust will be given to Humanity but Kim searched all the documentation on the planet when she collected all the resources comprising the trust and there are no such accounts or funds tagged."

"The plans for NESARA originally and then GESARA, to use the acronyms, were outlines of financial restructuring that is more in keeping with the intent of the founders of the OITC funds. The purpose of amassing such an enormous amount of financial resources was to stabilize the world’s economy and provide ample funds for all inhabitants"

"Fri. 19 June was Juneteenth – which celebrated liberation of the black slaves. It was also a Debt Jubilee for all of us as NESARA and GESARA began."

NESARA/GESARA IS COMING SOON! Debt Forgiveness will be nice too!!

St. Germain speaks on GESARA and stasis


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