Great News (Netflix series): Just awful from episode 1

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I am starting to feel as though I am just being negative about every series that Netflix releases lately but this one was "featured" on my home page and I saw that they had multiple seasons so I figured "how bad can it be?"..... well, really bad actually, despite having John Michael Higgins in it, who I love as an actor.

At least from my perspective, this show is just annoying and I don't really know what sort of angle they are going for but they failed and after just 2 episodes I switched it off.


The story here is that we are looking at live air news station and the interior workings of it. Mostly it focuses on Katie Wendelson who is an aspiring producer who works at the news station and mostly gets given puff pieces and passed over for important stories in lieu of a man (enter Netflix's progressive agenda.) When she demands that she be given better pieces she absolutely nails them (predictably) and then the only monkey wrench I suppose they could think of to throw into the works is that her mother ends up working at the same news station as she does, and obviously this causes some tension.


I wish I could say that these interactions were funny and maybe I just never had an overbearing mother to compare things to, or maybe I am simply not a New Yorker and don't understand the humor, but this series is not funny.

The show features regulars from Saturday Night Live and I am sure that most everyone understands that this show is filmed in NYC and perhaps they are a little detached from what the rest of us find funny because at least for me, this is not what I find funny. I do appreciate the lack of canned laughter and it does appear as though they were going for a "Scrubs" type appeal (a show that I also love) but I think that this show is entirely too "New Yorky" for a vast majority of people and perhaps that is why after 2 seasons on NBC, the show was scrapped and this is why we are seeing it on Netflix now.

Side note: I don't know anyone that actually watches network TV anymore.... do you?


According to various websites, they later brought in Tina Fey, who was one of the executive producers of the show to begin with, in an attempt (I guess) to try to bring new life into the series, but apparently it didn't work. I can't say for sure even though I really do enjoy Tina Fey and have actually read her books, which are also good but this show simply isn't.

If you look on Rotten Tomatoes or other review sites, the show gets a 70% to 80% approval rating and honestly, if you are one of the people that thinks this show is funny or good, or even interesting, I guess maybe I am not in touch with whatever it is that you are. To me, this show feels like a re-hash of 30 Rock but just not done in a reality show type style.


There are a few things they touch base with that resonated with me such as the anchor of the entire news station, Chuck Pierce(John Michael Higgins,) being much older and a bit out of touch with his younger staff and hence he really enjoys the addition of Katherine's mother as an intern and maybe, if I think a bit inside myself, this might be perhaps the exact reason why I don't like this show: I also cannot relate to the younger people in the cast.

Should I watch it?

Well normally when a series with big backing by big names gets cancelled after just 2 seasons I don't think you need me to tell you the answer to this but I would be curious if any of the younger people out there watch this and identify with (apparently) the people who have made a review score of 70-80% fresh happen on Rotten Tomatoes. For me, I would much rather sit in silence or just go to sleep or maybe even clean my house rather than watch this. I found it truly awful and NBC must have also since they cancelled it.

Sometimes I just don't understand why certain things get high review scores and I try and watch them and just hate all of it. After 2 episodes I hadn't laughed once but was ready to shove forks in my eyes and chopsticks in my ears. To me, it is that bad.

I say, as an experiment you go have a look at one or two episodes and see if you can give me one good reason to watch this show. I just don't get the appeal at all.