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Burger King says they have to check ID to make sure a group of people are from the same family. Fact Check That. 1871-02-21 - The United States Republic fell. The problem is we are not there yet and Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes gradual steps towards that direction. Also, don't keep all your eggs in one basket in life in regards to making investments, in regards to taking risks, in regards to trying to change the world via a variety of means simultaneously, and that is why I use that term, cognitive dissonance which I learned from Dilbert Comic Creator Scott Adams. 401K Self Loan is a good idea.

401K Loan Against Self

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-04-15 - Thursday | Published in April of 2021

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The Nevers by Joss Wheadon

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Trump Won 2020

03:21 PM - Facebook

William Parsons, I hear over 80 million votes for Trump, maybe more than 100 million. I see you wrote 101M. So many Trump votes were not counted meaning over 80M at least and Biden probably had way less than 40M real votes. So, that is like a difference of at least 50M votes either faked or not counted. Probably over 10M Trump votes were NOT COUNTED and other Trump votes went to Biden. And on top of that, some the 40M or more Biden votes probably were either fabricated, counted more than once as an individual ballot was counted many times again and again, or some of the votes were switched from Trump to Biden on top of everything. So, it looks like Biden beat Trump by around 10M or less and it only took like 50M or more votes to win. I'm not really good at math, so I don't know the what the percentages would be but forensic ballot auctions in counties across America can overturn some of the 50M+ votes which were interfered with. This means we all should be trying inch by inch to overturn as many counties as we can, bit by bit, day by day.

House Sleep

03:28 PM - Facebook

Nha Nghi means House Sleep. But as we all know, sleep doesn't always mean just sleep.But generally speaking, Nha means house and Nghi means sleep and Nha Nghi means hotel, motel, etc. But perhaps some hotels don't rent by the hour or whatever. So, the ones that do will have the sex reputation that it has. But as stated in the comments here, its for not just for boom boom love you long time but also businessmen, couples, people who can't do it in public restrooms (I mean you know, a number one). Well, I don't know what the words under Nha Nghi means. I know Gio means hour. Com Phong sounds delicious.

Burger King Sucks

05:06 PM - Facebook

Dear Facebook,

THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID. I said if you want to sit with a bunch of people, they ask you for ID at Burger King.

Burger King says they have to check ID to make sure a group of people are from the same family. Fact Check That.

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Think Big Picture

01:42 PM - Hive

No. Wrong. You have cognitive dissonance in thinking one thing has no connection to another thing when they do. Wow. You say words that have no meaning.

Like, this is why bad things happen, because people like you sit there. You just sit there. If you do some things, that's good. But you still promote the idea of not voting.

And then you turn around and talk about voting via blockchain. And that is fine as soon as we get that working. But until then, you want to tell people not to vote at all. What ends up happening is bad people vote for bad people.

That is what they want.

They divide and conquer by tricking us into not voting.

Finding alternatives is crucial and yet transitions don't happen over night. People must be encouraged to do what they can right now and also encouraged towards better things in the future. You mention the better things which is good.

The problem is we are not there yet and Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes gradual steps towards that direction. Also, don't keep all your eggs in one basket in life in regards to making investments, in regards to taking risks, in regards to trying to change the world via a variety of means simultaneously, and that is why I use that term, cognitive dissonance which I learned from Dilbert Comic Creator Scott Adams.

All humans have fear by the way. So, it's silly to say, "You have fear and I do not." Now, of course you did not say you had no fear. I'm putting words in your mouth. And at the same time, it's not just about you but about every human.

Heroes have fear but their courage is able to rise above all of that.

You said America is a Banana Republic and that is true and I never said it is not. I don't look at the world in a negative fashion. I don't believe in overwhelming pessimism, the glass is half full and not half empty.

I'm not going to specifically say the United States is a Banana Republic but I cannot say America is perfect. It is more a question of how much of a Banana Republic America is as things come in installments as things get worse and worse.

America begun dying especially in 1871 and there are so many things wrong with it. But I will promote a wide variety of things for people to do which includes voting but not just voting.

Oddly, you seem not to want people to vote and/or not to vote for clowns and/or not to vote until we get blockchain running it.

I agree it is hard to vote for puppets. But Trump is not a puppet. Some think Trump is still the President and/or that the military is in control. That would be nice if true. Sadly, it looks like Trump failed excessively in a variety of ways.

I want to believe Trump either is doing stuff secretly right now via the Winter White House in Florida and/or that military will step in to call for a new election in the fall of 2021 at the soonest.

However, we must assume neither of those outcomes which means Trump was a bit too ignorant, blind, etc, etc. I don't totally know what happened but it looks very bad. But I will keep on fighting for America even in the mist of the best President, which was Trump, even in the mist of how badly Trump failed.

I will fight for as long as I can in the name of Trump who should be the President right now because he won. Yes, Trump should not have promoted Covid Vaccines. And the list goes on and on. But Trump was the best we had and that is how life works. You do the best you can with what you have. Period.

Darkness Losing

07:51 PM - Hive

Wow. You continue to lie. That is pretty bad. You pretend not to care. You pretend not to be able to read. We are not done and you will see that someday. I would vote for the lesser of two evils. Give me Hitler and Stalin and I would probably vote Hitler. I guess I would choose Hitler over Mao even. Yes, you're right, Biden is a puppet. This comment and the entire thread is included in my daily blog among other things. You can continue to lie about what you cannot see. I write this with the calm of my heart. Imagine if I filmed this or had a live stream. But you would manage to lie about something still even if you could see me live as calm as day. I will continue writing and much more. I will continue making videos and a variety of things for the world to see. You can choose not to see what is already there. This is only the beginning for truth tellers. Those who lie can hide in darkness and miss out.

Must Vote & Don't Vote

08:00 PM - Hive

You cannot make friends with the left. Vote for the lesser of two evils is a must. You have to vote and do other things do. Yes, try to make friends with everyone. Yes, vote and stuff in love. Also, forensic audits must be fought for each day. People should not vote in America ever again until the audits can stop the steal. Until then, voting has no value at all.


2021-04-15 - Thursday - 11:07 PM - YouTube | Hive

@Roy Merrick, I am including these comments you write on my blog. I link to them. So the world can see the comments you make. And then they wonder why would I delete if I am in fact archiving what you write for the world to see. So, the evidence will always be on the Internet. That includes some screenshots as well.

Screenshot at 2021-04-15 23:11:31.png

Screenshot at 2021-04-15 23:11:42.png

Screenshot at 2021-04-15 23:11:46.png

Screenshot at 2021-04-15 23:11:53.png

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2021-04-15 - Thursday - 03:51 AM - 04:36 AM - Chosen 107 - YouTube

13th century BC, Moses is making the serpent on the cross and telling Joshua it is all about faith. Back to the present, 26 AD, we cut to Matt.

2021-04-15 - Thursday - 04:41 AM - 05:45 AM - Chosen 108 - YouTube

1952 BC, Canaan, flashback. Jacob. His sons making a well. Black guy says no water there on that hill. But they found some.Flash forward to the woman at the well.

2021-04-15 - Thursday - 09:16 AM - 12:00 PM - Chosen 201 - YouTube

John writing and interviewing. Lost sheep parable. Samaria. Woman at the well invites them into the house, her husband said one of the rooms is haunted by his dead grandma and Jesus said He would take that one. Not afraid of ghosts said the woman. A disciple said he might be however.

Kung Fu

2021-04-15 - Thursday - 02:18 PM - 03:01 PM - Kung Fu 102

She has a dream of a good life with family. But then flashback to when her master died. Swan. She breaks up a fight, man with a gun against a girl. So, the man runs off and the girls then runs off with his gun. So, Nicky tells her former BF who works as a detective or something, he says it is like bad to have a gun and going into the system will protect the girl and others because guns are so bad. In reality, guns save lives. She runs into a casino and fights people to get stolen money back to the mother nad her daughter who stole the gun earlier. Master lady was killed by her own sister who then went from China to Singapore, to be continued.

The Nevers

2021-04-15 - Thursday - 05:50 PM - 08:46 PM - The Nevers 101

1896, London. Women. Stuff. Three years later. Age of electricity and power. Men of power try to stop these witches or magicians or women with James Bond gadgets. One girl is like ten feet tall. But looks twelve. Joss Wheadon show, that is why I was drawn to it, I love what he makes which includes Firefly, Dollhouse, etc.

Fear The Walking Dead

2021-04-15 - Thursday - 10:02 PM - 11:00 PM - FTWD 608

He tries to kill himself but walkers come in. He shoots them. Later, he goes onto a bridge which had a roadblock to stop walkers. He runs into Dakota and Morgan. They run back into the old cabin of his and his dad's old Chevy truck which they try to fix up. Looks like Dakota shot him and pushed him off a cliff.He saw a photo him and his dad and swam up but then turned into a zombie and Dharma & Greg lady or blond wife of his found him and had to stab his heady.

Exposing Corruption


1871-02-21 - The United States Republic fell.

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Exposing Corruption


Snow White till 12:45 AM. Already had dinner, pizza, 9 PM Wednesday. I was off to bed but still had a headache all day and got up around 2:30 AM with it being worse. Took 4 Magnesium pills around 1 AM and 5 more at 2:30 AM and 2 more around 3:35 AM. And then put ice packs on my head. Now it's 3:50 AM. Dear diary, got up at around noon and continued watching The Chosen 201. Up and down all night with the headache and not a baby. But seriously this time. I am just comparing the two. Might be a little better. Had some vitamins like I said a few times every two or so hours all night plus some powder stuff. Trimming the main trail and getting the mail from around 03:35 PM to 04:49 PM, also feeding cats, cleaning out their trays, housework, yard work, chores. Took a few more vitamins and also some pain reliever pills and now doing a little better. I mean feeling better. Maybe not doing better but feeling better. Oh, I was thinking I know how to babysit houses, good job if I were to pursue them. I should start a series called The History Of. I could start off with The Bowl and trace bowls back to the origin of bowls. Also, shoes. Well, how about sneakers and not sandles or boots. When did that start? Did Jesus have a backpack? I never thought about that before. Did they make backpacks back then? I have no idea but I guess they did if The Chosen is accurate. Nap around 6:30 PM to 7:40 PM. Was making dinner around 9 PM to 10 PM. PLaying with one cat, hide and seek. Not the fat cat. I guess the skinny one still doesn't like me sometimes.

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